Tesla Dealership

Tesla Car Dealership will locate on Glenwood Ave. , but not sure what the timeline will be .

I’m assuming in the car dealership section near brier creek, not somewhere cool like Glenwood South?


Is this another Tesla dealership or is the one located on Westgate Dr relocating?

They put their dealerships in cool walk-able places. I think this would be a great addition. It would not be a traditional dealership.

Well I’m hopeful. Maybe by One Glenwood?

Will be at Old Rapid Fitness Location close to Millbrook Rd. / Glenwood Ave . Area . Not sure about The Westgate Rd. Situation !

Well that’s not ‘walkable’…at all


That would have been pretty sweet. Maybe the old Ace Towing lot on Hargett…that would have been the biggest turn around possible for any property in downtown. Most hated towing lot in history to most loved car sales lot.


Anything is walkable with enough time (and luck to not get run over) :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why one would need to walk to a car dealership. That’s the last thing that I’d want setting up shop downtown.


You usually see high end dealerships or exotics set up in downtowns. I was just in Washington DC and they have a Tesla dealer downtown. Again, it gives off a high end vibe not only to passerbys but also to those purchasing the car that they know thousands of people have walked by and looked at that day. I’m sure it gives a feeling of pride knowing that some people are thinking “I wish I had enough money to afford one of those like that guy.”

I get that. There was one on Lincoln Rd. in Miami Beach for a short stint. It was interesting the one time that I went in there. Other than that one time, it was just taking up space that could have been otherwise activated on a more regular basis. I’ll still pass.

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This is basically how I feel about Google Fiber in Glenwood South. :roll_eyes:


I still haven’t been in there! :rofl:

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Maybe they could put the dealership on the old landfill’s land by the Auction Direct USA. That land has been vacant for as long as I can remember.

I have no true evidence that this is the case, but the building that used to house Retro Fitness on Glenwood near the Duraleigh intersection for years had a sign saying it’d be a self storage place, but recently I’ve been past the and it looks like a car dealership instead. I’m wondering if anyone has heard anything since there’s no sign as of the last time I’d gone past it!

Yes that building is being converted into a Tesla dealership. I can confirm 100%.


Also Hendrick Dealership will be on Lumley Rd. near the airport .

Can they sell in NC now or is just a service center?

Both… They can sell and service.

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