The Fairweather and other condos on S. Harrington


I have a vested interest in this property but I thought others might be interested in seeing construction pics, follow progress, etc. The building was designed by Raleigh Architecture Company and will have amazing views of downtown. I’ll be taking pics of the current paint store building demolition via the ground and drone and post here for the DTRaleigh Community.

Development at W Cabarrus and S Harrington

Aerial shot of the Fairweather lot (bottom right) overlooking downtown prior to demolition that started on 7/30/2018.


Thanks for sharing. It will be fun to watch its progress.

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Aerial view with West street to the left and Harrington to the right. Top is north. The first level parking deck will enter from West. The 2nd floor parking deck will have an entrance from Harrington.


July 30th demolition of the existing paint store begins. The process will take approx 3 days. I’m not in town today but I expect the last of the old structure to be down by end of day today.


This is what remained is ghe old structure as of end of day July 31.


Interesting–appreciate the updates on this!


Thanks for doing this! This is going to be a great project.

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Thanks, super excited to see this getting started! Architecturally, I think this will be one of the the strongest multifamily buildings in the Triangle.


Here’s a video The Fairweather had put together of the beginning of the demo. I think they’re planning on finishing up the initial cleanup of the lot today which will include removing the foundation of the building and asphalt driveway, etc.


Shot I took from yesterday (8/2/2018)


That video is almost too nice. Also, I wish that substation would be turned into a gated off-lease dog park or even just a park.


Dogs running around electrical equipment sounds like a terrible idea.

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Obviously that means relocating the substation.

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Are those other buildings to the North going to be removed?


Not on account of the Fairweather. They are legitimate/open businesses.


One good thing about the substation … if there is one … is that the view of downtown from the Fairview won’t be blocked.


Looks like the appearance commission will be discussing this project.


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