The Metropolitan Apartments / Quorum Center

Well past the point where they burned down in March 2017, this apartment project is moving right along. North West Street may be a significant resident corridor in the near future with projects like this, The Link, West at North, and Peace at West. (Smokey Hollow)


im very curious what they end up figuring out with the local govt association buildings behind it. the whole redevelopment plan. right now these apartments have a view overlooking a burnt parking lot, charred buildings with lowe’s weather wrap, and a homeless guy’s bedroom. this could indeed be a new residential area but i think it needs just another one or two projects. love the idea of connecting the new glenwood/peace/west area to the days inn/mulino (babylon) area.

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This project, along with the One & Two (hotel) Glenwood projects, Two Hillsborough, and Morgan Street Food Hall are really going to start connecting Glenwood South and The Warehouse Districts. These “places between places” are DT Raleigh’s best opportunities to vastly improve the experience of being in the city. The next two years are going to see massive change in the urban experience in Raleigh; it’s so exciting!


Any word on the Willard Hotel? It seems that would contribute to the connection going south as well.

Is Jones Street still closed? I have gotten so used to avoiding that route that I haven’t checked lately.

Yes it is. Still working on the Quorum Center

I am as well. Interesting quote in this article: “The site is zoned to allow up to 12 stories, but it’s likely that any future developer will request a variance on that, he added.” It also says the groups are seeking at least 130,000 sq ft for their own use, plus they’re going to maximize their revenue on the rest of it.

I just moved into The Link, love the area!

I heard about the fire but didn’t realize it was so huge before arriving. Anyone know how far along the Quorum Center tower is from being back in a condition where residents can return?

It’s still a bit disappointing that it’s a residential only construction. That area between Harrington and McDowell, Edenton to Peace could really benefit from more street activation, but this was a wasted opportunity and only contributes to the retail deadzone through there. Sure, once the tenants move in and Peace is completed, there will probably be more foot traffic along Harrington/West to the businesses along North Street and over to Glenwood South, but I feel nothing to the east connecting Glenwood South to the Capital District. The Museums can only do so much for that area :confused:

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FWIW, it was impossible to build anything but what was burned due to insurance claims. The time to think about what should have been there was before The Metropolitan was initially planned.


The Quorum should be about ready by January 2019. Those of us who live there like the residential nature of that corner and we all support the businesses in Glenwood South and the Warehouse District so I think it’s actually not a bad thing. I know those businesses really appreciate all the residents and depend on us for their survival. A lot of them were hurt by the fire with the streets closing and a lot of us having to move out for nearly 2 years.


That’s just an insane amount of time to be displaced!

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@rgmedd, a lot of us have really felt for the Quorum residents. I hope things stay on track, but I just walked by there and it sure looks like slow progress from the outside. There has been one window on the north side for about a month. Almost two years to be displaced is unreal. Best of luck.

Thanks! Hopefully we’ll see some progress soon. They’re projecting a move-in time in January.

The restoration company - Jenkins - selected to reconstruct the Quarum is inept. They typically take on multiple jobs and once they have secured the job, move between the jobs like honey bees. This is their business model. Avoid this company, which takes advantage of people in disaster situations, at all costs! First hand knowledge.

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I agree. The city needs to designate W Lane Street as a key east-west connection between Glenwood South and the Capital District by widening this section of Lane Street, making it 2-way, and adding a bike lane with wider sidewalks. Peace and Jones are today the only east-west connections, and the Jones vehicle/bike connection could go away if and when high-speed rail comes to Raleigh.

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Some photos from a walk around The Metropolitan this past weekend.


They built a completely new complex before the Quorum could be repaired. How frustrating for Quorum residents!


And knocked down the Metropolitan parking deck and what didn’t burn of the building. Agreed about the Quorum - those folks must be frustrated. Hopefully they will be back in soon.