The Sky Terrace at the Dillon will be open to the public on First Friday!

“For the first time ever, the sky terrace at The Dillon Raleigh will be open to the public on June 1st! Swing by The Dillon while you’re downtown for First Friday to check out the amazing views! Share your photos with us on Instagram @TheDillonRaleigh.”


The view is pretty, pretty nice!


Excellent news! Coincidentally I will be in downtown on that evening (a rare occurrence) and I will absolutely try to see the view from The Dillon as well.

Do you know what hours the terrace will be open?

Same here - would like to know the hours,I would love to swing by after I get off at 5pm before I have to head home.

According to the event page on Facebook, it will be open during First Friday, from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

That will work well for me! :slight_smile:

I hope that they make that a monthly perk for First Fridays!

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I’m definitely going to that. Transfer Co. Warehouse also has an event in its new space in conjunction with NC State. No food vendors yet, but also plan to check that out on Friday as well.

Speaking of the Dillion, I’m pretty sad about the aesthetic skyline view of the west face of the building. I think Kane secretly has it out for dtr. The view of the building from Boylan bridge is excessively parking deck, and the prominence of the building from that angle completely destroys the overall atmosphere of the skyline view we have. At least the views from the Dillion is nice because the view of the Dillion is depressing. Hopefully Peace doesn’t end up the same way…

Seems like most of that will be hidden from Boylan once the RUSBus terminal is built up.

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Show us your pics! :grin::camera_flash:

The Terrace at Dillon is super nice! If only they can keep this format forever.

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Pictures, you said?


FYI a handful of times over the last couple months I’ve been waltzing in The Dillon, taking the glass elevators up to the 8th floor of the parking deck, and enjoying the view from there which is only 15 ft. lower than the sky terrace. Pretty sure you can do that whenever the building is open. Though I did not drink champagne up there…

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Is the terrace open to the public yet?

The Pics from the Dillon are amazing…even more if ever any Towers are Built nearby in the Future.

Great view of DTR…:+1::cityscape:

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I decided to take a Walk around DTR especially around the warehouse district and took a few pics. amazing…so many folks walking around,some were shopping…this is only going to get Better once more stores and eatery fill up the warehouse district.


I think that we’re going to see a substantial shopping and pedestrian district that runs from Smokey Hollow to Dillon in the next five years. Foot traffic will beget more foot traffic and more retailers opening up shop.


I hope you’re right. That area is already looking good for pedestrian retail traffic.
And the new towers going around One Glenwood (plus the hotel) and Two Hillsborough will bridge the area from the new Raleigh train terminal, and the new bus terminal (and tower), The Dillon, Morgan Food court all the way to the south Glenwood strip and the emerging area around KaneVille (Peace & West, phase 1, 2, and 3). Definitely the hot part of town!