Transfer Co. - Olde East Food Hall


From their website.
“We bring smoking back to the basics and focus on the traditional technique of whole hog, all wood methods”

Can’t wait!


Huh…they smoking onsite I wonder? Thats a lot of wood…


Yikes, dude. Not everyone over there is a gangmember. But yeah we should kick the longtime residents out by raising their cost of living with several generic hip new joints.


So many leaps in your statement. I am fully aware most people are not drug dealers and didn’t imply that was the case. The Crips did have a well known territory on south Haywood until about 2008 or so. The long time residents there didn’t seem to appreciate their presence. I live about 4 blocks from there and have been confronted by ‘lookouts’ walking around near the Martin St center as recently as a year ago. Despite that, I help people fix a bike now and then, loan things to neighbors, use every local place I can (convenience store, car repair, lunch, hardware store) and our house gave money to the local co-op startup which is mostly a group of middle aged african american ladies looking to help feed people in the area. We hire guys down the block to do about anything we need done. Race and associated economic realities are ever present on my mind. A lot of folks need at least a little help, some a lot. We treat them all with respect and sometimes have a beer on the porch with whoever is walking by. I also didn’t suggest that more mixed-use meant, uber expensive Jason Queen style mixed use. Maybe you should talk to him about pricing out existing residents. There are a lot of actual champions of Transfer Food Hall in this thread, that make more deserving targets of your ire.


Apparently Burial Beer is opening tomorrow. But it’s the size of my living room with less seating. Sounds like their plan is to focus on releasing their intentionally rare beers to generate hipster exclusivity buzz. I was hoping for something like HiWire in Durham, not something where every weekend there’s a line around the block waiting to buy a 4pk for 25 bucks because it’s just so special.


How could you have honestly expected something like HiWire in Durham?


A huge empty warehouse with a bunch of empty space on the site? I’ve been inside transfer and there’s all sorts of separate areas just sitting empty.


Yeah but it’s a food hall. It was pretty apparent what it was going to be like from the get go.


Just so people can see for themselves and I want to test posting a pic through this app. I don’t honk it’s that bad. It’s going to be crazy crowded tomorrow but will probably fine after that if you get there at the right time.


No, and I totally get that. I’ve just been following this for awhile and it was portrayed in the media and their social media as if a brewery or at least a real taproom and bottle shop was coming. And that was reinforced by it being in a “separate building” or “separate space.” I know the spot where it’s going now that I have seen the pictures, and there’s literally a huge empty space next to that little spot.

And it sounds like their plan is to make hyper exclusive releases a big part of their model. I love all sorts of craft beer but I hate that exclusive rare overhyped shit. It’s beer, not fancy wine or cognac…

But I digress. I’m sure it’ll be tolerable eventually on like a Sunday at 12pm once the buzz dies down. Just disappointed it’s not going to be more than a glorified bottle shop.


I’m with you on all. This does not look like it’s a part of a large warehouse redevelopment. I was also expecting much more based on media


I always assumed it would be essentially a glorified food stall because of where it was going. If they had announced they were going into a different locale I would have guessed something bigger was coming or maybe I just set my expectations low … idk.


BTW, isn’t “old east” a Durham neighborhood name? Why would we want to copy that? It seems desperate, especially when the e is added onto old in a sort of pompous Cary Towne Center sort of way.


They seem to have dropped any mention of the Olde East on their website. It just appears to be Transfer Co Food Hall now.


The Olde East reference comes from a 1990s era study plan of the area that includes South Park, Thompson-Hunter, and other nearby neighborhoods. I’m not sure if it goes back further than that but that’s probably the last big reference to it.

Not much came out of that plan from what I understand.


Thanks for that history Leo. I’m glad it’s fading from use. Perhaps it’s because of Durham? I’m also never a fan of the random use of “English” spellings with zero context.


I just spent some time looking at the listings and the website for The Ware townhouses next to Transfer Co. Food Hall. On the plus side, I think that they actually look a lot better than the renderings, and I generally like their open feel and finish level. On the downside, they really dropped the ball by blowing an opportunity to have living areas with fantastic DT views. From the photos on their own website, it sure looks like the living areas look into the roof of the food hall. At least it’s that way when you take the longer view from the middle of the open plan. I’m sure that at the window line, you’ll get some skyline, but still…
Given the context of the site, and a neighbor that isn’t tall, I would have put the living areas on the top floors. This is where the views are, and oddly enough where the outdoor living space is (off the master bedrooms). Also, given those same views, why in the hell didn’t they put rooftop terraces on them? At the ground level, the garage doesn’t offer a partially covered tandem space either like 10Arros does. To top it off, these units are REALLY expensive for what they are. They claim a few hundred square feet larger than the typical 10Arros units, but the plan on the website sure don’t look substantially different than the unit on the 10Arros website at nearly 400 square feet smaller. Where’s the square footage? Are they counting the garage or are The Ware units just a little bit wider and a little bit longer?


My wife and I make fun of these silly additional Es by pronouncing them, as in old-Eee. It started with the development at Edward’s Mill & Blue Ridge. We called the Teeter there the Ye Old-E Teeter to distinguish it from “Club Teeter” at Wade & Oberlin or the big “Mother Teeter” in Cameron Vil. I am looking forward to checking out Transfer Co next time I am visiting Raleighwood.


There ain’t a Teeter at Wade and Oberlin…did you mean Glenwood and Oberlin? I like that one. Small and easy to find stuff. And never very busy.


Yes, that is the one! I’ve been gone so long I sometimes get the street names confused in my head. Club Teeter right now from the Carolina Country Club. Thanks for the correction.