Upcoming Raleigh CC Public Hearings of note

Hi all, I thought it might be useful to keep a running tally of upcoming Raleigh City Council rezoning hearings so that folks who are interested in attending/speaking in favor of more urbanism/walkability/all the things that bring us together to this forum can know what’s happening.
Edit: 4/4 hearings scheduled; I’m noting “urban” hearings in the DTR area in italics. Will link cases tomorrow.

4/4 Meeting: 1 p.m.

  • Dix Edge Area Study Final Report and Comprehensive Plan Amendment
  • Rezoning Z-43-22 — 405 Clover Ln (District C) (Held open from March 21 meeting)
  • Rezoning Z-53-22B — S Wilmington St, and Water Works St (District D)
  • Rezoning Z-55-22 — Johnson Street (District D) (Held open from March 7 meeting)
  • Rezoning Z-75-22 — Edwards Mill Road (District E) (Held open from March 7 meeting)

4/4 Evening Hearings:

  • Application for Historic Landmark Designation (Joint hearing with RHDC)
  • Annual Action Plan - Fiscal Year 2023-24
  • Southeast Special Area Study Final Report and Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CP-12-21)
  • Rezoning Z-59-22 — Shaw University (Districts C & D)
  • Rezoning Z-67-22 — 7910 Skyland Ridge Parkway (District E)
  • Rezoning Z-72-21 — Lake Wheeler Road, Mercury Street, Maywood Avenue (District D)
  • Rezoning Z-79-22 — 6119 Corporate Ridge Rd, 0 Hillsborough St (District D)
  • Rezoning Z-87-22 — Four properties - bounded by W Davie St, S Salisbury St, W Cabarrus St, and S McDowell St. (District D)

Great idea. Here’s a jump link to the sign up

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bump - just posted the 4/4/ public hearing schedule. Will drop a signup link and hyperlinks to each rezoning case when I have time tonight!


Just a thought. I run the wire service to only hit when there are updates to “ITB” (very loose definition) cases. Since this site primarily focuses on ITB, I would recommend starting with just those cases.

However, I can see it easier just doing them all and not filtering them. Whatever is easier. Thanks for the posting these.

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Yep! I’m listing all hearings but noting the “ITB” (and specifically, ones in or around DTR) and only linking those.

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Did anyone catch the Z-53-22b result?

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Think they denied this one based on the prior discussion in the GNR committee…enviro watershed, difficult site, floddplain :smirk:
Also they adopted the Dix Edge Study but amended the ‘urban corridor’ language along Faye St / Caraleigh neighborhood that this abuts. so kinda status quo here…

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Meh thats a bummer. Thought it might pass as it would be a good area for affordable housing, being an up and coming area. Hope the environmental reasons were well founded (erosion was the only thing reasonable that I saw in discussions) and that they can turn this into an enjoyable public outdoor space.

Seems destined to be more ‘left as-is’. So, we can continue to enjoy the Rocky Branch greenway…

I know a certain tire-burning population will continue to enjoy the greenway. I chuckled when they said that not developing this area would be better for pollution, as there is trash everywhere at these sites.

But that is an insanely complex issue. Approving this development would only displace the already displaced.

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This is the first time I’ve watched the public comment period in a city council meeting in quite a while. Wow, this is nuts. The anger and vitriol towards Missing Middle and Mayor Baldwin in particular is pretty stunning. I feel like I should go speak at one of these now – and maybe bring some friends – and attempt to provide a different perspective.

Edit: Although, the Wake UP Wake County guy was awesome :clap: (missed his name)


Yeah these things bring out all the cranks. MAB and her way of politely ignoring them while kind of rolling her eyes and moving on is inspirational. I love it.


I’m catching up on the council drama from last night and I think Adam’s comments here get the DTRaleigh Gold Star award. :laughing: