Video History of how transportation shaped cities

For city planning geeks, this guy is fun to watch.


It took me long enough to see/find your thread. However, I love these types of videos and information. From one geek to another…Thank you very much for sharing! :grin:

You’re most welcome. That’s a great YouTube channel!

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Agreed! And I look forward to watching/learning more! :grinning:

I heard cities skylines! Love that game!

Having seen the video I will say this, Currently, right now I’m seeing more bikers, pedestrians, and even people walking to where they are going. With North Hills growing as well as Downtown, transit should be the focal point in how the City of Raleigh is being formed. Raleigh is growing and will continue to grow if the City implement longer hours of Bus service, adding more amenities and events in downtown. that is my own opinion anyway. Commuter/Light rail should be in the future, when…( ??? ) who knows? For now…Raleigh is doing just fine as it shapes its own future.

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