Wake Transit Plan

You should make a comment that RUSbus should have rental cars. I think it would be useful.


Or even Zipcar…I sometimes use it when I really need to get around a bit faster, especially on weekends when Buses run every hour.

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A well stocked reasonably priced rent a car agency would be a good amenity to have close to Raleigh’s main train station. It is a better use of parking deck space than … well, parking … because it provides an amenity for downtown residents in addition to serving people arriving to the city by train. Having rental cars close at hand is one great way to make it easier for people to live car free.


had comment at RUS post. it should make it easy for folks to rent a car at RUS instead of walking to the enterprise lot to rent one, just an idea,

Enterprise is also closing eventually so it would either need to relocate or close completely.


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Pipe Dream?


It’s cool to hear that Virgin Hyperloop/AECOM is taking the idea seriously. …but beyond that, it just seems like a whole lot of hype/fluff and not a lot of content.

The numbers and figures they showed were to pitch the idea of hyperloops itself, but not so much for hyperloop specifically in the Triangle. How does it impact existing rights-of-way? How does it stack up against (or play well with) other transit initiatives that are being planned? What engineering limits or policy restrictions (terrain, floods, traffic disruption, NIMBY landowners, emergency evacuations) could become deal-breakers?

This was a cool glorified ad for the hyperloop project, but I was disappointed that they didn’t talk about any of those issues specific to our region.

Ya might as well read from the source and analyze it yourself.