West Street Corridor


What if they built a hill first?


That’s not going to happen.


TBJ picked up on the rezoning as well, but behind a pay-wall.
The article quotes the developers saying they envision a “defining feature”.
Also states “The development would be mixed-use, including housing, office space and ground-floor retail – primarily along West Johnson and North Harrington streets”

This was a little discouraging “they don’t plan to begin construction on phase three until the first two phases are completed.” So closer to 3+ years



But the Raleigh Canal could go right past it and also function as a moat. Kane needs to think bigger…



Surprising how low Raleigh’s elevation gets in some spots. If the ice caps fully melted and water levels rose 200 feet, it would sit right on the coast, and some of the lower swampier bits would be open channels.


Yep. Raleigh would be the new Wilmington.


If they get the zoning request approval for Phase 3, and want to be ready to build within three years, and keeping in mind this is Kane involved- any estimates on when we get a site plan/rendering/something showing what they have in mind? Bets?


I know shorelines come and go, but i have read about some sea levels reaching up into southern wake county. Not sure the last time this happened but I think this paper implies that fully melted glaciers bring the ocean level up to the Carolina Sandhills which would cut through Wake County if they continued.


About a year from now we will get first renders. Phase 2 will be coming out of the ground a good bit and Phase 1 will be basically done.


So I guess we’ll all have beachfront property! This sounds good. How long do I have to wait? :grin:

Also, sorry for the 1-2 billion people who will die or be displaced


Not sure if this has been discussed but I heard today about a 12-story midrise at the northeast corner of west and peace.


The northeast corner? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s new to me.

EDIT: I do recall hearing something about that awhile back. Looking at iMaps, it seems that a number of the properties along the east side of West St. north of Peace are owned by a “Raleigh Development Company.” It’s quite the land assemblage.


Is that Endless grinds location? Also where the gambling spot is? Last I heard the owner was going to wait a few more years to do something with that plot of land. :thinking:


I thought I heard that land had been sold in the past year or so, but can’t confirm. That would be a nice corner once Kane finishes and the Devereux Meadows park is there.


And when the Peace St. Streetscape happens.


From the Devereux Meadows Park thread.

Owner is/was Raleigh Development Company


I can’t besmirch someone possibly going bigger on that spot, but I did kind of have in my head that a small skate park would be cool in Devereaux Meadows with Endless Grind right next to it. Not that I know how to skate or anything but thats the sort everyday stuff and recreation you want to keep downtown


I know this means basically nothing, but I thought it was worth sharing. This is an image from one of the Dix master plan renderings that appears to show a bridge for West over the tracks versus under.


I wonder if that is just artistic license. The road leading out of the Union Station drop off area goes under the railroad tracks presently. To change to a bridge would require a major rework of that area to get it to the level of the depicted bridge/viaduct.


I think it’s pretty meaningless. They were using a really old map and old drone shots as well. The opening shot of downtown from Dix was almost 3 years old. I was kind of disappointed in some little things like this(I’m way too persnickety) and a couple other things with how the meeting was run in general but otherwise it was great to see so many people out supporting the park. And I got to overhear some of the Do Nothings plotting strategy to block various things in the park.