Where are Raleigh’s billionaires?

Forbes just released its latest ranking.

Raleigh has the only 3 North Carolinians on the list…neither of whom seem to care at all about supporting our local sports franchises. We know they have egos. I would.


Not sure how Temple Sloan didn’t make the list given he sold his privately held CarQuest/GeneralParts to Advanced Auto for $2Billion.

I thought owning a sports franchise was the ultimate ego toy for all billionaires?

As an aside Amazingly, Jeff Bezos remained in the top position “after” giving up $40 Billion…, that’s a 4 0 in his divorce.


Link to story please???



Thanks for the link.

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I didn’t see the ex on the list.

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There are many billionaires who are known but not publicly confirmable do to their companies being private. For example Rick Hendrick lives in NC and is certainly a billionaire but since his company is private it isn’t confirmable.


For example there are two other founders of epic games that are billionaires but it isn’t public ally confirmable.

Says here he is worth 1 Billion but he could be just short of making the Forbes list by whatever standards they are going by…

Yeah, but SAS is private as well; so there’s that.


The answer to where Raleigh’s billionaires are is simple. They are in Cary.


Yeah sometimes we know approximately how much they own like with Sweeney sometimes we don’t

Epic games Tim Sweeney is on this list at #1168 with a net worth of 2 billion.

Dang, 2 billion doesn’t get ya very far. Not even in the top 1000!


I guess a billion just isn’t what it use to be.


This is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of Hendrick on a list…which begs the credibility of this listing

I’ll try to post the article I just read. Had him @ $7B…which I’ve seen several times before.

Calculating Sweeney’s net worth was based on the dollar amount the Chinese company paid for 40% stake in Epic. Can’t remember the amount but if it represents “40%”, it’s easy to calculate Tims estimated worth.

Hendricks is not on the Forbes list so I think he is officially under 1 billion. This listing is on Forbes.com and is supposedly updated daily.

Yeah. I’ve never seen his name anywhere in such a list. Not saying he doesn’t have cash but there are a lot of folks in N.C. that fall into the “a lot of money” category but the billionaires boys & girls club” is an entirely different league.

My point with this thread was more @ the fact that it appears the only billionaires in N.C. reside in Raleigh metro yet they seem uninterested in supporting specifically sports teams here…in some ways I give them credit for it but on the other hand, this site is about downtown Raleigh growth and the fact that the only billionaires in our State all live here but don’t seem to want to help out on the downtown sports front is frustrating…


Or the Dix park front. Greg Poole, rest in peace, was able to spearhead the Park’s inception, but now we need a lot of money to get it built. Seems like something up Sweeney’s alley considering he’s a conservationist, and phase I of the park includes restoring the Rocky branch.