William Peace and Seaboard Station


I could see Halifax Park getting a big upgrade in the future. Compliment that with the university and a lot more development inside Seaboard Station and this whole are could become it’s own district.

It’s probably time to start a Halifax Street Streetscape study. (from Peace to Cedar Street)


This is the company that did the Wharf in DC. If you’ve been there, you’ll know how much of a transformation they did to that neighborhood. I’m willing to give them the chance.


The rendering shows a Halifax Street elevation, possibly the first phase. This would mostly replace tennis courts and parking lots, from Franklin to Peace. Nothing to get upset over, at all.

But really there’s not much special about the existing buildings or site plan. Lots of parking lots and blank walls. Since the article says they will keep some buildings, I hope it’s Ace, which is a little further removed from downtown proper and is also more distinctive than the others.

I hope they redevelop all the existing surface parking.


Today’s TBJ has a article stating that a Washington DC developer will build a $250 million dollar mix use project in the Seaboard , Peace Univ. area !

2019 - Actual, Bigger, and Better Downtown

It’s true, the Ace block is older and IMO, cooler. The others much newer and poorly oriented. I’ve always wanted Halifax fronting buildings so that’ll be good. Onward I suppose.


Here’s the Halifax elevation rendering… my guess is that Peace St is at the far left and that is Seaboard Ave in the middle and Franklin St at the far right…


Please add 2 to 5 more floors as this area is boxed in and no one is really available to complain…don’t miss the opportunity to make a statement…Okay, so I have an overwhelming desire for height…Lol


Depending on how high they actually go (and Seaboard Station is on a bit of a hill as viewed from Capital Blvd) this could make for an interesting “mini skyline” coming into town from the North. The rendering does look a little “North Hillsy” but I will take it for the density and getting rid of all that surface parking at Seaboard Station.


This won’t get taller. I guarantee you that this is just like everything else being built in the city. The ground level/levels will be concrete construction and then topped with 5 floors of wood frame.


The TBJ article mentions they need a rezoning. Seaboard is already zoned DX-7-UG. Rendering looks like 6-7 floors. Could it be that they ARE planning to go taller?


Yes I wonder the same thing. Could be for some simple conditional use thing where they stick closely to DX-7-UG but need an extra 5 foot setback somewhere, or want to keep the grandfathered surface parking next to the Ace, or something like that.


Rendering certainly suggests sticks on a pedestal. That’s where the money is…not massive height. I agree with your take.


Mark, while I do agree that it suggest “stick on a pedestal”, 2 to 5 stories more is not “massive-height”…imho


I can’t believe how we are complaining about this much added density and walk-able mixed use in our DT where there is currently nothing. Come on guys this project is going to be great and bring a lot of people and shopping and food places.


He didn’t say it was massive height.


No kidding. Not everything needs to be 400ft. These are the type of true city building projects we need. This developers good enoough to put up high end projects in DC but apparently not here eyeroll


My question (knowing nothing about this developer), do they have deep pockets (like Kane) and can move forward at will, or will they need lots of commitments to satisfy lenders before they can break ground on this project?


My understanding is that they were responsible for the Wharf development in DC so likely they are pretty experienced with stuff like this.


I would normally agree in regards to simply adding more mixed use in DTR, it is fine in general. However, because there are truly so VERY FEW spots left in DTR that don’t involve being next to a NIMBY, I would remind you or ask if you remember the former project that was going to be built near the intersection of Wade ave and Oberlin rd a number of years back? It was to be a 12 story project, and now it seems that all developers are just plain scared to build that tall anywhere near DTR…imho


To be fair, this is a transition area like all of the edges of downtown where it quickly transitions into single family housing. Now, I understand that there’s an additional buffer in Peace U. beside it, but it quickly transitions to single family and low density multifamily. Could this property be developed a bit taller? Of course it could. Should it be 20+ floors? I’m not so sure about that. While I can imagine a taller signature centerpiece building, I do think that the seven floor zoning is a good foundation for that area.