William Peace and Seaboard Station


I didn’t say anything about either 6 stories or 6 stories+2-5 more (I can’t tell what you mean) being massive height. I said money is in the stick built stuff.
And Robert, nobody is complaining about walkability or density…several are skeptical of the quality and durability of this walkable and moderately dense product and some are lamenting the possible loss of a development that has lots of positives as it sits today. Orulz did point out that the rendering only is seen to sit on the tennis courts and parking currently in place, so maybe, not too much gets lost at first, or ever. We’ll see.
You people need to read what people actually write…


Phase 1 of the project will be a hotel facing Peace at it’s intersection with Halifax. Breaking ground in 18 to 20 months.


We need the hotel rooms as it is but that might also be a big bet on the MLS stadium across the street becoming a reality.


IT is not that they are afraid, It is just not cost effective. At some point, it will be, and then you will see more tall structures, until then, we need density.


I want to add, this is going to do wonders for William Peace as well. Prospective Students are going to love this, and the housing. This project is going to spur a lot of growth in the whole area, especially with what is going on, on the other side of capital. If the rumor of Kanes phase 3 being 40 stories is true, Peace street will be a true transformation, and then we will all be complaining about traffic.


That land could easily be converted into a Hockey arena as well of MLS doesn’t pull through.


How credible is this rumor and does anyone know the source of it?


Wut? :open_mouth: 40 stories? Now that is some bold rumor-mill stuff! Although you could see Kane doing it. He’s got the 33 storey on track in North Hills, so 40 would make sense for a downtown product. Still, that’s a hellofa jump from the 20 storey stuff that’s prevalent.


I think the rumour was that Kane might pursue a rezoning or variance to allow for Phase III to be up to 40 stories, rather than the 12 permitted by the current zoning (DX-12). I seriously doubt he’d go all the way to 40 stories in this location, but I could see 15-20.


Phase 3 is where the proposed hotel would be, right? Between phase 1 and capital?


Yep. From the other thread:


Does anyone know what the chances are that Duke could/would move their substation along Halifax? If that lot were included in the redevelopment, this could make a pretty cool, continuous urban neighborhood between Capitol Park and Peace St.


Ah it did;t even occur to me that Sunflowers is caught up in this now too. Maybe they can find a space on North Person St and add some dinner hours.


The developer said his firm likes to incorporate local businesses as tenants, so hopefully those that wish to remain will have the opportunity to do so. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Those that don’t have long term leases are at greater risk. I imagine rents will increase. At any rate, the retail redevelopment phase occurs down the road, so existing retailers will at least have some time to explore location options.


Do you know if the corner of Halifax and Peace was sold too? The corner where Newtons used to be?


I don’t know where Newton’s was @Mark, but I’m assuming you mean the northwest corner of the intersection of those two roads. If you zoom in on the map included in the N&O article, it shows that the southern property line parallels Peace Street but does not extend all the way to it.


The Sunflower’s/Newton’s corner at Peace and Halifax are included. The developer is planning to develop that as a hotel for the first phase of the project.


Cool, thanks fellas. I’m always out of my free articles at the N&O. I was worried Peace was keep that grassy corner forever for their little sign.


“Incognito mode” is your friend. On the other hand the N&O does offer digital only subscriptions for $50 per year. This is what I do to support local journalism.


There appears to be no limit on the N&O articles on the app for your phone