William Peace and Seaboard Station


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Newtons Grocey / Grill was basically where the parking lot behind Fat Daddy’s is now. Grew up with Jimmy’s daughter.


I think it was the grassy area right at the corner of Peace and Halifax?



Grassy area 100%%%%%%%


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do the click-bait titles revert to normal ones with a subscription?

hopefully Ace and Peace China get to stay. Is Logan’s included in this sale?


Logan’s is on its own property, not WPU’s


The strip with Bad Daddy’s and Brew is a different owner too…mailing address in Florida


Did we identify the exact properties that were a part of the recent sale? Does anyone know exactly? I’d love to try and map it for a post.


Seem to remember from the news release that Phase 1 is the Sunflower block and the 18 Seaboard/Tennis Court block.


best guess based on imaps…


I’m moving this thread from planning to New Construction as we seem to have momentum here.

I have a post scheduled for tomorrow but tonight I’d like to drop in a bunch of photos I took when walking Seaboard Station this past weekend.


Great pictures Leo! :blush:
Thank you! I was wondering what your thoughts were in regards to the future of this sit/project? I was thinking that the actual streets (which are very wide) and ample parking could be included in the actual new building footprint?


Absolutely. I’m hoping they reconfigure those streets but it may come down to who owns them. We need to see if they are city streets or private streets first.


would Google maps be able to give us clues as to which are city streets, and which are not?


Semart Dr. (road and parking spots in front of Logans, Ace, etc) looks to be owned by CSX.


I asked this question to Twitter and someone pointed me to this map. (an instant bookmark!)


Here’s what I’m seeing:


I don’t agree with the statement that Seaboard Station has seen a growth in new tenants. Since I’ve moved here 2.5 years ago, there’s been a net decline in tenants I believe (or at least a net zeroing out of new tenants). Also, can they not call it Seaboard “Station”? Seriously upset Yankee here that is reminded Raleigh doesn’t have an adequate public transit system every time I say that name.


Seaboard Station was/is a rail station (currently occupied by Logan’s Trading Co/Garden Shop) that operated from 1942 to 1985 (according to the 100% factual Wikipedia :slight_smile: ). Welcome to the South.


Well, there was a station at one time. I suppose it’s called that for historic reasons.