Status planned mixed/use development pipeline

On the smaller side, but the project I’m most curious about in 2021 is the Clearscapes 8-10 floor ‘tower’ in the parking lot behind their warehouse studio building (313 W Martin). Anyone know any updates? I’d love to see more mid-rise, smaller footprint buildings as infill throughout downtown.


I am with you, and perhaps my biggest interest is in projects slated for currently demolished/destitute sites like the Nash Hotel, the hotel on the opposite corner of that same block, and the Firestone… Well I guess I’m just really hoping something gets moving in 2021 on one of the 3 fallow corners of the block south of Nash square.


I second the Nash Hotel starting construction in 2021. That is the single most important project in DTR that has yet to break ground IMO.

I would also love to hear a status update on the CAM block buildings too…


If I were to put my money on it, CAM’s build out will beat Nash by a longshot. Don’t really have any evidence to back that; it’s just a gut feeling.

Hope I’m wrong.

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What about the Municipal Building? Any word on that?

I guess this is as good a place as any without creating a new thread just to speculate on the crane counts. By EOY 2022 we should have:

Seaboard Station (existing as of this post, maybe down by EOY 2022)
Iron Works/East End Market (more than 1 crane up by EOY 2022?)
501 Hillsborough
Cabarrus Kane (large enough to need more than 1, maybe even 3 for this size of a development?)
400H Parking deck (I assume this will need a short crane)
Municipal Building on Hargett
Apts at 320 W South St/Dawson
Hilton Garden Inn on Davie/McDowell
Madison on Glenwood (soon to be former Cornerstone)

That’s 11-12 cranes. Perhaps we only get half that. I’d settle for 5.5 cranes in the sky some time in 2022. :slight_smile:


Is Cabarrus still happening? Haven’t seen/heard any more updates about this project.

You can’t even drive down Cabarrus now due to utility work preceding the site work. They are supposed to break ground on the property by Nov I believe.


Peace Street Condos. Or is that a craneless build? Maybe the Lynde?

Those are both short and stick built, no? I’m no expert but I don’t think a perm crane is needed on those.

I think you’re right. Was wondering if Peace would get one, but that makes sense.

Don’t forget the 5 or so at North Hills / Midtown Exchange, if it’s not too far to count!

Had no idea that was related to that development. I thought the city was doing some improvements. That’s awesome news!

looking like a west downtown lean to 2022 developments. red = likely, blue = others


Any chance we get any movement on “The Edge”?

No. (20 characters hahah)

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Thought of another one. The Madison on Glenwood likely breaks ground next year too.


I am happy to see this because it means that downtown is shifting and filling in towards Union Station - as it needs to, if we are going to ever actually have successful commuter rail.


When is the Creamery project supposed to get started?

I know someone doing the landscape design for that project. They made it sound like late 2023- early 2024.