Status planned mixed/use development pipeline

I guess this is as good a place as any without creating a new thread just to speculate on the crane counts. By EOY 2022 we should have:

Seaboard Station (existing as of this post, maybe down by EOY 2022)
Iron Works/East End Market (more than 1 crane up by EOY 2022?)
501 Hillsborough
Cabarrus Kane (large enough to need more than 1, maybe even 3 for this size of a development?)
400H Parking deck (I assume this will need a short crane)
Municipal Building on Hargett
Apts at 320 W South St/Dawson
Hilton Garden Inn on Davie/McDowell
Madison on Glenwood (soon to be former Cornerstone)

That’s 11-12 cranes. Perhaps we only get half that. I’d settle for 5.5 cranes in the sky some time in 2022. :slight_smile: