Status planned mixed/use development pipeline

Anything new on the following new/old +20 stories projects?

-Old N&O Block. N&O moved. Now what/when?


barnhill calls it preconstruction for a while now


Fallon shows the old rendering from Lundy group since they bought the lot

-Edison Office

It seems like they are waiting like us on updates from apple/amazon/army/…?
Feel free to continue the list

How about City Gateway / Exploris? I haven’t heard or seen anything concrete since it was first announced.

I agree. i think everything is in a holding pattern until Amazon/Apple make a choice were to open new locations

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Does anybody have a summary overview/best guess when the tower projects break ground?

Two Hillsborough
Smokey Hollow Phase II

Smokey Hollow Phase III
City gateway
CAM Redevelopment
213 S Harrington
Kane’s Warehouse Dist project

hmm maybe it makes sense to have a schedule tool or a project tracker that can be updated similar to downtown Raleigh alliance but instead of a map a Gantt chart @dtraleigh?


Certainly a high maintenance project and dates are always changing. Good luck to anyone that wants to take a crack at it!

The first phases of 300H and Nexus (former N&O site) are both expected to begin construction this fall, as is the Courtyard by Marriott at the Enterprise lot. Smokey Hollow Phase II should be this summer.

Edison has only two months to break ground before the developers lose their parking contract with the City (unless they renew it again). RUS BUS should break ground by the end of next year.

As far as I can tell none of the others seem to have a definite timeline at this point or are still going through the bureaucratic process.


The adjacent parking deck for Two Hillsborough got approved I believe. I think Two Hillsborough will be starting as soon as Dram and Draught moves. They already have cleared out the other businesses that are slated for demolition.

Smokey Hollow Phase 2 is already started in my opinion, since they’ve demolished all the original buildings and are removing trees and asphalt as we speak. Last night they said they plan to start actual construction within a few weeks.

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Hotel at enterprise lot. Didn’t they mention starting that 3rd qtr of 2019?

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Here’s my crack at it:


Anyone know what happened to The View on Pullen Circle? The sign is no longer up, the website is down, and all their social media pages have been silent since last year.

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NIMBY’s revolted and killed it

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Who is even there to NIMBY that? People living in the middle of the traffic circle? Players Retreat?


They thought it would block the sun

With all of the development proposals that are surfacing, I fear that we are at a peak moment for such proposals right before the storm of the next recession hits and drowns a lot of these projects. I hope I am wrong .

Didn’t really know where to post this article…

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Nothing new. Article is over a month old.

Why do i read the comments on these articles that discuss development. :face_vomiting:

This is exactly why I want Smoky Hollow phase 2 out of the ground and in progress beyond the point of no return!


Yes, BUT… remember what happened to Charter Square during the last recession. It was a very sad day when they took the construction crane down with no building on the site.

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Reports coming up now we’re going into recession before any of these break ground. RIP most of these projects.