The Madison/603 Glenwood

New plans for a 12-story mixed-use multi-tower project – an 11-story apartment tower called The Madison and a 12-story office tower called 603 Glenwood.

The property is situated at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Johnston Street behind Mellow Mushroom; it was rezoned earlier this year. Cornerstone Tavern and K Brow Parlor are currently on the site.

According to TBJ, the project will include:

  • 200 apartments, dubbed “The Madison”
  • A local restaurant on the top floor of the office tower
  • 12,000sf ground-floor retail
  • Parking located in five levels above the retail, also intended to provide public parking.
  • A rooftop amenity deck above the parking/between the two towers

They plan to break ground next year and complete construction in two years.


Nice! Hope it happens. From the pictures it appears the parking will not be visible from Glenwood.

The restaurant on top of the office building has potential to be a special spot (although we are still waiting for the one at the Dillon to get filled).


This is fantastic!!! And to echo @Street_Grid, LOVE that they’ve designed it in a way to hide the parking completely. Amazing render, hope it looks even half as interesting as this.


This looks fantastic, and love the details like the rooftop restaurant, amenity space on top of the parking, and the combination of office and residential on a street that benefits from both. And it gets rid of Cornerstone Tavern! Winning all around.

I hope it happens too!


This type of building is exactly what will make Glenwood even better. Architecturally isn’t overly interesting, but the utilization is nailed down perfect for this area.


There’s a small part of me that’ll miss the small houses that Cornerstone is in (I won’t miss the establishment itself) but this is very nice and a perfect location for this type of project.


My ears started ringing after 30 minutes there last time I was at cornerstone. Must have been years ago.

12 story building go up faster. However I feel Raleigh should have had a general plan for Glenwood South from the beginning. Sidewalk widening should have been a policy long ago.


I noticed the public housing tower “Glenwood Towers” is directly south of this proposed development. Glenwood Towers is senior housing (50+). Has there ever been any discussion by the city to have a more appropriate location for senior residents to live other than the night life strip of DT? I would imagine that the types of services that would be most useful are not found amongst the Glenwood South businesses for the residents. To clarify- not suggesting housing displacement, but more of a beneficial area that serves the residents.


I have no idea, but I want that eyesore gone so badly. I just think not accepting new residents for a couple of years, while the new location gets them…and relocating the current residents who are still there eventually. I don’t know if that would work, and I obviously don’t want to throw a bunch of elderly people out of their homes. Just somewhere that would be easier for them (and hopefully nicer).


In theory if Glenwood Towers goes away someday. Do you tear it down and start fresh? Or keep the structure, but modernize it?


I think it would be best to tear it down but then again I’m not an architect. I just think it would be better to keep the height in mind but completely demolish then redevelop the site to fit the area surrounding it. I’d love to see 2-3 stories worth of retail and public spaces, with a hotel and condos on top on this lot. It would also be great if the city built a 50+ only complex somewhere near downtown before it is demolished.


I agree. Tearing it down would be the best option, IMO. Keeping in mind the age of the building as well as the fire damage that happened in some of the residences in the last few years, that plot of land could use a complete revamp. Not to mention the outdated parking lot that wraps the entire building, something much more substantial and beneficial to that streetscape could go in - especially with The Madison coming in right next door. How we get to that point is a whole other discussion.


Getting to the tear down phase of a public housing building during a period of affordable housing sensitivity is going to be a challenge. I think we are quite a few years out before this property is redeveloped. My hope is that the property has increased in value enough that it could be sold to a developer that allows for proceeds to be used to build another feasible building to house the current or future tenants.


We were actually just discussing that tonight. Trying to think of an inventive way this building could be phased out and the developer pay for residences for the remaining people if they were going to eventually move. Tricky thing for sure


It’s possible to bring the building back to its structure and keep it intact. I’m not sure if this building’s structure is concrete or steel though. If that could be done, then a new donut building could be built around to give the building some urban frontage along at least 3 of the block’s sides. Residents could be temporarily relocated and moved back into the building upon completion of the gut/renovation.
I doubt that this will be what happens as I’ve heard rumors for years that the building is nearing its end of life, and it’s clear that the housing authority isn’t investing in it. I think it’s more likely that a sale of the property will result in the funds to build a new & expanded location elsewhere.


I’m definitely not in a hurry to tear down Glenwood Towers. Would like some more density on the site, and to not have a parking lot along the sidewalk along Glenwood, but I’m not sure how this could be possible without tearing it down.


I wish they could just figure out a way to make Glenwood Towers look better. Not sure if that is possible. The people that I have talked to that live there like it. They say they like seeing all the activity in the area. I walk by there a lot and there are always folks out front that love to talk. I would imagine it gets loud at night but no one I have talked to has mentioned that.


We like to talk about mixed income housing/neighborhoods. Glen wood Towers is a working example. The real problem is that it breaks up the pedestrian experience on Glenwood. Is there a way to add amenities, retail or green space fronting Glenwood that would benefit all?

Personally think a well manicured mini-park with shade trees would be good for the residents and neighborhood. Add structured parking in the back?


You could probably do a deck in the blue part and a parklet in yellow. This area could use a pocket park.

Getting anything retail would be tight.