William Peace and Seaboard Station


Just like the South, clinging on to the past…


Ha! Ha! :joy:

But no more that the “North”…lol :joy::rofl::sunglasses:


I’m just gonna stand on the rail near Logan’s until they designate it as as a rail station again


Good luck with that. Keep us updated on your progress. :rofl:


Our transit system was adequate for many many decades: none needed. And hey, the South is currently interested in rewriting history…not in this case


Just a note on Seaboard…

• There have been ongoing talks happening involving the president of Peace to open up Franklin St to Halifax St. Not sure where those stand.

• There is a community group that is starting to ramp up to make sure the new developer knows how important Ace Hardware is to the surrounding area (borders 2 historic districts that work hard to keep their neighborhood/homes preserved)

• Also, Peace China says they are in a long term lease and that the new developer is at least indicated that those long term leases will be kept. (We’ll see how true that is)


Peace masterplan… looks like maybe Franklin St could be a pedestrian plaza to connect Halifax to Blount


Ah yeah interesting. I guess it was never specified that ‘opening up franklin to halifax’ meant for pedestrian traffic or car traffic.

You are probably right that it will be pedestrian.


Really shows the damage Peace has done by eliminating parts of three streets…Franklin, Pace and Harp. Seaboard once connected to capital too (when it was still Fairview Rd). The lost grid is so incredibly aggravating.


http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/01/a-new-d-c-neighborhood-built-anew-without-seeming-prefab.html Caught this one in my news feed. DC project by the same group that is going to develop SS. Looks like the right group for the job…


Seaboard Station will be submitting paperwork soon . Multiple phases will start at Peace St. & work itself back .


Do you know if there will be more height in the plans?


Given the cost of land now and the height limits I’m guess a lot less surface parking and probably a new parking deck or sub-level of parking. Probably more pedestrian friendly too.


I wonder if the grocery store is still part of the plans or if they’re going to drop that due to Publix being right down the road.



Yeah about to say, from the rendering it won’t be larger than 7 or 8 stories. Definitely will involve a new parking deck.


These renderings remind me of the kind I saw before I moved down here and the Great Recession hit and nothing got built. Not sure why, and not trying to say that’s gonna happen again. Just these pastel, hand-drawn looking renderings of generic buildings.


It’s still an improvement over the current parking lot Seaboard Station design. This is what Cameron Village should be re-developed to become next.


Here’s The Wharf in DC, the developer’s last product.


When my wife was looking at Georgetown law, we almost got a townhome there… Very nice area, but we came to Durham instead.