Winter's Square Businesses

Some sort of renovations happening at what was once called Winter’s Square - corner of East and Martin. Office type space that was part of what is now the Magnolia apartments (formerly Wintershaven). They spruced up the outside a year ago or so, with a barbershop and tattoo parlor opening. Looks like they’re doing some more involved renovations this go-round.


Are they taking down that wall in the last picture?

Looks shady.

Drove past about an hour ago. All the windows and cinder blocks are gone. Looks like they’re opening it up for restaurant space. I have a buddy who was talking to the property about putting a bottle shop/restaurant in there. I’ll see if he knows anything about this.


Wall gone.


Just so happens I got a letter from CoR about requested changes to parking on that stretch (East St. between Martin - Hargett) to 2 hour M-F 8-5. Since I live on the adjacent corner I’m an “affected” homeowner, so I was given an opportunity to voice my concerns. Anyway, I asked the guy if he knew which businesses requested the change he said it was from that building. He thought a gym might be going in there and maybe something else but he wasn’t sure.

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I would support this (in concept and financially if it opens).

Just got some level of confirmation. Although with the current restrictions it’ll likely rollout in stages. Package sale first, on premise next, and eventually food. Food would likely be sandwiches, similar setup to State of Beer. That opening will be a garage door. Shooting for mid-June open, but he mentioned some plumbing issues, so I’d guess closer to August 1. I should have an Instagram for y’all to follow in the next week or two.


That sounds great! Thanks for the update.


So in line with that, my guess is there were no lower down windows here partly because this looks like it was built in the late 60’s early 70’s when it was common to have smaller windows and also this area was pretty high crime until the late 90’s (still has too much random violence and property crime IMO), so I think they are opening that up into a better window or bigger entrance…so maybe retail space or restaurant even…?

Here is the Instagram for the bottle shop @roshambobevco


This is close to me and now hoping that it is amazing. Thanks for the share!

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Next group meetup spot? Whenever that can safely occur.


East Downtown Raleigh is finally starting to emerge.


Same. Just noticed it yesterday. Sort of a surprise and really looking forward to it.

@OakCityDylan’s new place… :grin:

We’ll be able to use S Harrington and stay safely distanced. :slight_smile:
I think we’ll end up having a street party there at some point.


Hijacking this thread since the location is close by.

Heard rumor over the weekend and confirmed via deed record that the SMITH TEMPLE FREEWILL BAPTIST CHURCH at 330 S. East St. was sold on 11/20/20 to Z Empire Runs Through It 1 which appears to be a Greg Hatem LLC. This is the church diagonal from Transfer Co (Burial corner).

Was also told that the new construction at 323 S. East St is going to be a business (I assumed residential, but was told differently). This is the building beside Crude Bitters. Looks like the site is currently owned by Five Horizons Development, which is run by Stuart Cullinan who is also a managing partner with Merge Capital.

Interested to see what comes of these two properties.


Commercial?? Hrm. Odd.

Yeah, looks like Five Horizons is a residential leg of Merge, so that may have been some bad info. But that structure is pretty big, so maybe it’s going to be townhomes.

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