Wishes for DT Raleigh 2024

If we’re wishing for things… I WISH to see the “Prime Corridor” monorail running from DTS to North Hills (and beyond) be proposed and approved. :monorail:


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My wishes:

  • See Click Fix to cut the branches off the trees that have been reported. Report on West Street is now ongoing for 180 days according to the email I received asking if it’s still an issue.
  • Restoration of Raleigh’s lauded but always closed Greenway system
  • Bike lanes in North Hills across Six Forks connecting the two districts
  • Bike lanes on Lake Boone Trail connecting from Rex Way to the Greenway.
  • Larger sidewalks that could accommodate pedestrians and bikes. If you haven’t seen my previous Germany photos, there will be more coming soon.
  • Better pedestrian access to Crabtree mall overall. There’s no sidewalks from the hotels on the south side to the mall; There’s 7 hotels on that side. The sidewalk on the east side is also very narrow and small. There’s 2 hotels on that side and new apartment complex getting built on that end. There will be another one north of it and that doesn’t count the 55+ existing complex there.

Additional smaller, but probably more realistic ones:

  • Completion of Oberlin Rd Bike lanes. Supposed to be done in Summer so :crossed_fingers:
  • Filling of retail spaces. Especially the old B. Good and the adjacent restaurant space.

Do you have a link to those requests for the trees? I know Harrington Street’s trees are pretty in-the-way as well. Happy to bump that up on my end. Those trees are just draped over the bike lanes.

I sent in some requests that were resolved pretty quickly on the other side of town.

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Sorry for the delay in response.

15210096 (West St) and 15210099 (Peace St)

I tend to ride in the Rd on both streets now. I’m comfortable with it, but I’m sure there’s people who complain about people not using the bike lane after it was put in. I would like to be one that shows that I would indeed use it if it wasn’t blocked.

This would be a game changer our city

Send me list an I will take do something

I guess while we’re on it, we can just add a wishlist item that the city staff would actually read and respond to all or most of the See Click Fix items. I swear, almost half of the ones I put in are never touched.


You probably need to contact the urban forester. I don’t think that department uses SeeClickFix. We submitted a tree trim request directly through the Urban Forestry department in 2020 that didn’t get done until I submitted another request and talked directly with the forester in 2023 and then waited another 8 months.

In my experience, it depends on the department. Some departments are very responsive, like the bus amenity request, garbage and recycling, parks grounds, and street signage. Others, like graffiti, overgrown vegetation, and lighting, not so much. I suspect that those departments have other reporting systems that they prioritize. It’s frustrating.