"Year Built" Map of Raleigh

I put together this map and I feel it’s ready to partially share. I say partially because I started this little project with two objectives:

  • Build a map showing Raleigh buildings and what year they are built in
  • Make observations and maybe find something smart or insightful

Well I satisfied my technical side with accomplishing the first point but the second point, not sure I’m seeing much. I’m sharing now to see if others may have something. What do you think?


What are you looking at?

  • This is a May 2022 snapshot of all property parcel data from the city. (see iMaps)
  • Using the “YEAR_BUILT” field, I grouped everything into decades on the map.
  • You can choose a few decades to compare where all the buildings are.

Important to note is that this is a snapshot in time, not buildings OVER time so a 1920s house torn down and replaced in 2015 would show as a build in the 2010s, for example.

I see a couple things but what might you observe here? Throwing it out there to maybe start a thread on it. Thanks!


Cool :cold_face: as hell! :hot_face:

Love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
So far, specifically when I click on a year, it doesn’t have to do a full map refresh!
Continuing to enjoy it…will let you know more!

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Leo, this is absolutely fantastic!! :100:

What really stands out to me is the contrast between neighborhoods that:

  • grew organically (sometimes with fairly even representation from every decade)

  • were platted and built all at once and are still pretty much as-built

  • were platted and built all at once but have a growing number of tear-downs mixed in (see 50s, 60s, and 2010s here)

  • or, in a few cases, were platted and built all at once but have almost entirely been torn down and rebuilt by now (see mostly 2000s and 2010s here with a few remaining from the 1950s)


If this were an overlay in iMaps, I would leave it on.


That’s awesome. I didn’t think about the fact that you could almost assume an entire neighborhood was built within a decade but then see how it held up over time. What I could try and do is overlay NCODs as well as historic overlays and see how that may have played role in the different makeups here on the map.

I also completely forgot to share the bar chart here. Buildings by Decade

Is Raleigh booming? Not like we were in the 2000s anyway which would be an interesting talk.

  • You can see the great recession here slowing down growth
  • However, this is a count of buildings. Are we getting denser with 1 building having multiple units vs. the SFH boom of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s?

Interesting to see it out like this.


I believe many of the houses here that aren’t highlighted any color are 2020s teardowns? Did I miss a way to include buildings built since 2020 in the visualization?

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I didn’t add a 2020’s for some reason. I think I was too focused on completed decades. That shouldn’t be to difficult to add.

Also, the map is as good as the data provided and there were certainly some parcels where the YEAR_BUILT field was blank. :man_shrugging:


Awesome work @dtraleigh
What a treat this is for a nerd like me.
Can we suggest edits? If so, The Paramount (missing) was built in the 2000s.
618 N. Boylan


Thanks a lot. I’ll continue to improve on it over time. The Paramount is a perfect example of my earlier comment. The map is as good as the data provided. :frowning:

See here: Parcels


Oh, I trust you. I am just helping fill in the blanks. 2005 was the exact year, but since you are only doing decades…
Also, North Ridge Elementary School on Harps Mill Rd. was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up a few years ago. Not sure if it’s a 2010s or 2020s.

Answering one of your questions from the blog story.
Why were there so few buildings built in the 2010s?
My educated guesses…

  1. Annexations slowed to a trickle during the decade. Less land being added to the city results in fewer buildings.
  2. More Apartments being built in the city in comparison to single family homes.
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