Zimmer - Peace at Capital (SE Corner) - 506 Capital Blvd

Same with DUMBO many people outside NYC have no clue it even is an acronym. Down Under Manhattan Bridge

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, to be precise. But, most leave off the ‘O’ :wink:


well, that’s just dumb…


Google will be glad to take pay to play.

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Positivity saves lives

Sounds like it was entertaining. Sorry I missed it, but I was on a trip for a couple of weeks in September. Thanks for the report.

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I wonder what the status of this will be if this projects moves forward after the new council is sworn in. I just found out Richmond, VA will demolish a 21-story tower soon with NO REPLACEMENT. And here we are planning more than 10 different 20+ story towers:

Smokey Hollow, 121 Fayetteville, Nexus (4 towers), Raleigh Crossing project (4 towers), RUSBUS tower (1 to 3 towers), North Hills (21 story tower plus a 32 story tower), maybe 400H (lol).


@Francisco do you have any info on the building coming down? There are a lot of those 60s buildings that are remodel nightmares: asbestos & totally inadequate electrical & other wiring. This was the big problem with the iconic Wachovia building in downtown W-S. They figured out a way for a total renovation, I think its a public-private partnership. I wonder if this building in Richmond is in a similar circumstance.

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One James River Plaza. It was suppose to be replaced by another tower but that was cancelled.


Maybe one day a large company based in Raleigh will actually show its own city the same love…First Citizens, you have no excuse but how about Martin Marietta?

Maybe Jim Whitehurst will get the CEO of IBM job and maybe he’ll actually step up for Raleigh as he has already done leading RHT.


First Citizens has been VERY loyal to Raleigh. Much speculation has been made about moving HQ to Charlotte (and a hint of Columbia, SC) for years. There are over 2,000 of US that call the triangle home and I thank my lucky stars every day. Their decision not to build a tower downtown is just that. Their decision.

Now to Martin Marietta. Between my father, his two brothers, and their father, we have over 135 years of service to that company. They have been very good to this region (and my family) to say the least. They were headquartered on Fayetteville Street in the 70s as Superior Stone Company. The change of that street to a pedestrian mall forced them over off of Lake Boone Trail. I don’t think they have any further obligation to the city.

This is all IMO.


Lot going on than just the building it seems. Thanks for that article @dbearhugnc

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Those renderings are gorgeous, and the intersection desperately needs improvement. Forgive my ignorance, but do we know how realistic this is? I feel like we’ve all been burned too often by beautiful buildings that never materialize.

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I’m not getting my hopes up. They’re going to wait for a big tenant.

Further, at least in Durham, there are some indicators that builders are postponing their big projects. the American Tobacco Expansion is radio silence, and the Austin Lawrence Partners 5 points project seems to have postponed its start to Q4 2020. The Durham ID project has also gone silent as well.

So if Durham is any indication, there is a slow down there.

I’m not sure that’s quite as relevant. The exact opposite could be said for Raleigh and a lot of it’s bigger projects (relative to Durham) moving forward. Some on spec which is rare for the DTR market.

Also @Alan…I believe this Zimmer proposal has been changed to either all or mostly residential. They initially said they were waiting for a “unicorn” tenant but since then the buildings make up has been changed. That still doesn’t mean the project will go forward. I too am skeptical. But the last I knew they were not necessarily going to need a mega tenant anymore.