Zimmer - Peace at Capital (SE Corner) - 506 Capital Blvd

From the North Central CAC Agenda from April 9th. I didn’t attend this meeting but this is from the agenda pdf.

Potential Rezoning Case –Thomas Johnson, William Mullens
(Located at the southeast portion of the intersection of Capital
Boulevard and Peace Street. 506, 508 and 0 Capital Blvd.)
Existing Zoning: IX-12
Requested Zoning: DX-40-SH


The lot between the new service road (northbound exit to Peace) and the railroad tracks is small. Could this be on the east side of the railroad tracks, across from the shell station? Much more room there for a larger development.


DX-40-SH? Woah, they’re in for a battle with the City Council on this. Are these new developers that the city hasn’t scared off yet or veterans?


That is true but it is owned by the State. The narrow lot between the tracks and capital blvd is owned per imaps by MCC RALEIGH PROPERTY, LLC with mailing address in Augusta, GA. The lots there are totaling 1.48 acres now under the same owner, not sure how much is left after the new service road is implemented

Yeah, iMaps hasn’t been updated yet. Would love to see an aerial of this. @OakCityDylan? :grin:

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On it! But tonight I’m headed to the Canes game. :slight_smile:


It will actually be the east and west bound exit ramp from Capital blvd. onto Peace st.
Appears to be similar in size to Kane’s 40 story proposal across Capital, just spread out more narrow.
Assuming everything in purple is owned by CSX


Gosh, I wish iMAPS would be expanded to cover ALL of NC…
@dtraleigh …Please make it happen! :wink::grinning::grin:

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Those lots between Johnson and Peace next to Capital and the railroad turntable would be very excellent to redevelop! Hope it’s all that.


Obviously an old aerial.


Wild guess at what would be available for building if CSX is willing to sale old roundhouse location, looks to be a little larger than phase 3 on other side of capital blvd.

I think the turntable is still used from time to time.

I never realized S. Johnson St gets its own exit ramp/and connection to Capital, as it carries N bound exit traffic to Peace St. New Johnson Street abuts the suspected rezoning site.

You’d have to assume anticipating future developments for both properties North and South of Johnson St.
It then comes to an immediate end at the train tracks.

A few years back, we had an informal discussion with some sort of leadership with the city of actually giving this exit its own road name since it might be challenging to find the addresses off of it. I’m not sure if that’s gone anywhere.

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I had some free time at lunch and decided to take some pictures. There’s more space here than you would think.
This is facing towards Peace St. from Johnson St.

This is the train turntable, which doesn’t appear to be functional.

This is standing on top of the concrete pad looking towards Capital and Peace.


I think that there’s always more land in these places that we perceive to exist. Also, just look at all of those super skinny towers going up in Manhattan; it’s not like the technology doesn’t exist to go vertical on a smaller parcel. If all of this comes to fruition, the folks on the west and south side of The Cotton Mill are going to have their own personal skyline views.


Took this in April of last year FWIW.


This is definitely interesting. Tying together a couple of other folks’ comments, the parcels in question total 1.48 acres now, but it looks like the owners are going to lose some of that to the DOT for road expansion. Just to eyeball it from the DOT map, that looks like maybe a skinny acre or so leftover? Given the usual caveat about how “40” really means “more than 20” in this context, that’s a small footprint for that height, but not outlandishly small, I guess.

The roundhouse is on land still owned by CSX, and so wouldn’t be part of this rezoning. Having an old roundhouse right next to a 20-story building would … certainly be the interesting juxtaposition, though. @orulz any thoughts about this?

But the whole thing is still very intriguing. Now we just need to get the state to get moving on selling off the wasted use of space just to the east of the tracks!


Remember that the entire roadway, including the new exit “road” is pushed to the west of the former collection of roads. Now, I don’t know for sure if that means that the access road mimics the location of the existing Johnson St. spur there or moves west of it. I just can’t imagine it encroaching further east given the new road alignment. From the overlay road diagram posted earlier, it looks that the new “road” might be a tad west of that existing spur.