121 Fayetteville

How much does it cost to pay an architectural firm to do drawings/designs like this? What a waste of money


Yeah F**king ridiculous.

That was my thought!

Had to have been a couple million at least to even have that level of renderings and floor plan details


signed tenants…


Is there anything to read into this? Looks like the old website dedicated to the proposed 121 Fayetteville development takes you directly to the Kane Realty website. I was assuming this was just going to sit idle with Highwoods at the helm for a long, long time.


I would interpret this as Kane (and others formerly attached to that project) own the brand and the domain/brand wasn’t included in the property sale to Highwoods. The domain expires 4/4 of this year (was registered in 2019) so if I were to read into anything, it would be if they renew the domain past 4/4/22.

EDIT: They should renew it before 4/4, but if they don’t, it won’t show available for a month or more as the registrars usually have a fairly lenient grace period after “expiration”.



Got it, eyes on April 4th down range.


I’m actually good the former project didn’t go through. It was a huge and obnoxiously looking parking deck. Hopefully something mix-use replaces the project. Something like the RUSBUS resi tower would be fine --maybe a few floors of office like the PNC Plaza.


Yeah I wasn’t in love either with the design, but it had some perks. I remember the ‘sky lounge’ 20 or so floors up being a plus. Hopefully whoever takes a crack at it again proposes something better this time around. If Kane and co still have something to do with this, I wouldn’t mind a Walter/Eastern-type 30-40 ish story residential building there.


Previous owner of this block: “Let’s work with John Kane and build something great!”
Highwoods buys property: “No, we want to work with John Kane and build something great!”

Well, the flaw in that is Highwoods actually developing, but it was funny in my head.


Ahh Highwoods…

Like almost everyone here on the forum, I just wish Highwoods gave half as much attention to their home city of Raleigh as they do towards Nashville or any other market they service. Honestly if they proposed something like this on this lot, I’d be all for it. Maybe as we hopefully exit the pandemic the desire to invest in office space like this might start happening again and they’ll no longer just sit on desirable lots but who knows.


9 cranes up in the NVL core recently…Their momentum is definitely rolling.
We should be in that conversation, sure. But, that town is definitely a boom town competing for $.
And, you wanna talk car-centric ? Well…


Yeah hopefully we’ll catch up in the crane count once we get rolling this year. Agreed on the sprawl, we think we have it bad here but there’s worse out there for sure.

I think we have it pretty good for the most part, but the writing is on the wall if we don’t make big changes and I don’t see that happening. Hopefully we can at least flatten the thrash (sprawl) curve.

I disagree that the writing is on the wall - at least for locales in Wake County. Johnston, Harnett etc are a different story.

The Wake towns are doing a great job with at least having neighborhood centers, connected grid systems, etc. That stuff goes a long way. I’d take our situation over any other growing metro area. Having so many different Urban centers also helps us tremendously.


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