2019 Fairview - Five Points

ITB Insider has posted about “2019 Fairview”

"Condos could be coming soon near Five Points, replacing a two-story office building on Fairview Road.

Designed by Winstead Wilkinson Architects, site review plans refer to the project as “2019 Fairview,” most likely because the address of the property is 2019 Fairview Road. The plans call for a three-story condo building containing five units."

Anyone have any additional information on this? Is it real?



Thank you for sharing!

Not surprising, there are already a couple condos adjacent to that site.

It seems to me that, by that plot of land, the townhouses are not going to face the street. If so, that’s rather disappointing because the uninterrupted row of townhouses is a much better “brownstone” model that the driveway interrupted models we’ve seen lately.

True but kudos to the developer capitalizing on a quarter acre with only 79 feet street facing


Yeah I don’t get that either. I’ve see a few like that, including going up by my house, with these clusters of brownstone marketed townhomes around a parking lot or alley. Completely ruins the row house look that they market

Luckily the end unit facing Fairview Rd. “Unit E” has a rather grand front entrance directly off the sidewalk of Fairview. Rd.

Also when comparing these units to the 3 giant homes next door. Each one has it’s own separate single drive-way dividing them. So in comparison they will all have a similar curb affect and feel very similar.

What are the odds that the City will reject the proposal, and ask for something more in line with the other two recently built condo buildings next door? I agree that whatever goes on this property needs to face the street. I have no say, but I think cramming in townhouses in a neighborhood like this is a crime.

Not that long ago, these guys on Lane split the difference nicely with street facing units and back of lot units. Cool neo industrial exterior too.

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I have a friend who owns one of those units that faces Lane. They’ve been there longer than you might think: like 20+ years.

Yeah, thats recent in my world. 1999 they were completed. I’ve been downtown since 1992 and watching it all go down since that point in time


I started my DT adventure when I first moved into the Bishop’s Park area in 1987, then to the Cotton Mill in 1996. So, I hear ya. I’ve watched it all unfold since.