2021 Mansion Madness

im not sure whats on the horizon in raleigh. as far as know its steady high dollar employment increases. from what i read i think its positive for the most part. when i left reno nv…an area also getting a lot of California tech grads coming into tesla/panasonic and new data storage centers in the safe desert. i had bought a condo in late 08 for 25k and it sold for 112k…it was kind of a dumpy place. my folks had a cookie cutter shotgun ranch there and make 40k in 2.5 years when they sold in 2019. the server warehouses keep being built and the prices keep rising there too.


even longview area is getting a new 900k+ house… https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1001-Phoenix-Pl_Raleigh_NC_27610_M99187-60321


Two of them


I walked by this site the other day, and there is still an old smaller home there. I guess the y built this exact house somewhere else and are reusing the pics lol.

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Here is a pic of #13, 611 Mills st


I’m planning to get 9 of the houses on my walk this afternoon. Had to make a map to figure out my route.


2629 Churchill


3229 Oak Grove Circle

1810 Banbury

1323 Westfield

1507 Canterbury

3425 Bradley

1605/1609 Nottingham

1701 Banbury

3414 Lewis Farm


1701 Banbury looks like someone dropped a model of a really nice house and hurriedly glued all the pieces back together in the wrong order.


I have to give credit to 1810 Banbury for not putting a crappy shingle roof on 1M$+ house :wink:.

I’ll take an asphalt shingle roof ($30k) over a maintenance heavy cedar shake and copper flashing package ($150k++) roof any day… Standing seam metal is the obvious upgrade, which is less than cedar and more permanent (assuming no hail damage)

somebody is price gouging you.

Maybe so, share your roofing contractor!
I’m no expert but from what I understand there are different grades of cedar shake cuts, and cedar roofs are often coupled with super pricey copper flashing and gutters due to The wood treatment chemical reactivity with other metals.

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I voted for whatever house was not painted pure white. Seems like 90% of all new houses are painted bright white. Nothing against it, just tired of seeing it all over the place.

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You need to have drinks with my mother. She complains about this all the time!


It’s the Magnolia effect…


We paid Baker Roofing $18,600 for a new roof on 1900 sq ft house in Nov. 2021. Certainteed Landmark shingles (made in Oxford, NC), new gutters all around, extensive eave/soffit repair, and gutter guards all around. The house is a story & 1/2 with dormers front & rear and porch roofs front & rear at different pitches than the main roof.

Aluminum Co. of NC was more expensive, lesser warranty, and I didn’t like the sales guy.

Got two quotes for metal roof - both were mid $50k. I would have to live to be 125 for that to pay off.


And cedar shake is about double standing seam metal! Crazy…

Congrats on the new roof. We use landmark shingles on $2m+ homes regularly


Going to start Round 2 of the NIT. Then give a status of the main mansions bracket/pictures work.

For round 2, 2511 STAFFORD AVE is getting a bye week because it got the most votes in round 1. I am also doing a winners round 2, 3, etc. Not going to spend time on the losers

Round 2 Game 1
Vote for the one you like the most for whatever reason or just vote for the one you hate the least

  • 1703 CENTER RD
  • 2615 BEDFORD AVE

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1703 Center Rd. $1,048,000

2615 BEDFORD AVE $1,125,000