400 Hillsborough Tower

Any News On this Project ? https://www.gensler.com/projects/400-hillsborough-street

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A nice & good looking project ! A good asset for our skyline !

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That’s a good looking structure.

It’s amazing how with the low vacancy rate downtown 400H never seems to have any announcements about tenants lined up. One Glenwood, Dillon and FNB have no problems.

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When I asked this past winter, I was told 2019 it’d start.

I believe that 2019 was a “gosh we sure hope to start” time…:smirk:

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This thing is never getting out of the ground. And that’s a shame because it got so much publicity.

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Double shame, because he’ll probably level the block as a condition of selling it to some other land investor who will then keep it as a parking lot for a decade.

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Who owns property/who is developer.
Another pathetic group, get out of our downtown.
Sorry, idiots who gave no clue what they are doing.
Next time, don’t release a rendering, keep your mouths shut if it was never going to happen.
This BS happens to often in downtown Raleigh, for decades.
Look at all the hotels announced and nothing, which in His case is OK, hotel developers with no clue how to build a urban looking structure.
Just sick of the talk and no action.


Well, Dillon had no problem. One Glenwood and FNB went through multiple iterations before getting started.

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Gregg Sandreuter is the owner/developer.

Word on the street is that work on this project will begin at the end of the year.

Now THAT is funny! :rofl::joy::smirk:
I’ll believe it when I see it…kind of my motto…Lol

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I agree with @RobertSanderlin. Not letting those developers play with my emotions lol

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That’s great news that means that actual starting date is 2021 based on similar projects…better late than never!

Any link supporting that start date?

This project can’t start until 2Q 2019 due to reasons out of the developers control.

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Could you please be more specific? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No link, and I don’t have a source to substantiate the “word on the street”, unfortunately.

If the word is on the street, surely someone would take a picture and post it to Instagram…