400 Hillsborough Tower


When invoking quarters as reasons for anything, it can only be investor’s balance sheets dictating the situation. They either can’t or won’t because a particular number doesn’t materialize until then. I’ve never met a permit writer who is like “I ain’t issuing that permit until the 3rd quarter of Federal FY 18 because my bean counting needs the extra widget”.


Sign is still up for 400H, any word? ‘‘This should have broken ground by now


I saw May 2019 a couple weeks ago. I believe the developers would start now if it was under their control.


Well, if 2019, that’s great news.


I think I mentioned this months ago, that the person I contacted said they weren’t planning to break ground until 2019.


… patiently awaiting the ground breaking announcement.

Does 400H have more legs than Edison? What’s the next tower with office space? Could the second 10 story Glenwood tower beat them all? Or perhaps a Kane project.


From the corner of West and Edenton. Not sure what it means but the potentially preparing the buildings for demo?


I think they’re doing underground utility work at the moment but not much else.


Been a few weeks, a month maybe, like that. Nothing started yet.


I saw this a few weeks ago and was hoping they were beginning to disconnect and remove utilities in preparation for demolition. I guess this was too optimistic?


I figured that building needed emptied and possibly remediation. It’s squarely in the asbestos era (the front portion being added to the stone part later on in its life). Perhaps just taking out fixtures and stuff.