400 Hillsborough Tower

Yeah I think you got it right. I looked at the 400H website and it’s on the West Street side. Looks like Second Empire will face the trucking bay lol


I’ve never been confident that was intended to be glass in the first place. It’s always been a fairly ambiguous material in the renderings. But I also don’t think I’d seen a rendering of this side before. It’s possible they are using glass at the other corners where the parking is part of the tower’s masing, and a metal screen where the base extends beyond the tower above. I think this makes more sense and will look better than glass at these locations. Here’s another rendering.

Also, maybe I missed it being posted, but here’s a website for the apartments with a bunch of interior and rooftop renderings.


Some of these views are really nice…



Looks like a bit of a change to me for this corner. I was expecting better coverings, but it’s interesting like @elevatoroperator mentioned that they never showed all 4 corners. This is from Gensler’s site:


Right but yeah from these initial renders, it seemed pretty clear that the siding on the parking deck levels would be (mostly) glass. Another bait and switch! At this point, I’m just going to assume every render is BS hahaha. Still, this building looks better than most with parking levels.

I don’t think that’s the case. This is not shown as glass.

It’s more ambiguous here, but in context of the other rendering also seems consistent.

I think they’ve only ever shown glass inside the orange “wrapper” and on the other corner.


You may be right. I think I didn’t look that closely when renderings were released. (I was too busy counting and re-counting and re-counting and re-counting the number of floors.)

I assumed because they did a good job using glass to cover a lot of the parking, that it went all the way around in some fashion. Still better than most.


This is probably v unpopular to say in this forum, but I personally don’t like the idea of glass in front of parking anyway. Practically, there’s concerns for cleanability and ventilation, but conceptually, I also have a bias toward the honest expression of program. Basically: If the occupied tower is not coming all the way to the ground, the tower’s façade should reflect that. I still want the parking concealed, but a unique material treatment makes sense.


not sure about presale. this might have been covered in previous posts. but how many residential units will be in this building have and the ratio to parking sites offered? and is there any estimation of the number of residents in this building that will say work in downtown proper, or inside the beltline, or require vehicular outflow from this area to the major to far-er flung parts of raleigh? i wasnt sure if raleigh had perfomred such analysis on downtown density and commute patterns? i guess there is still a billion dollars or so in the pipeline for DTR?

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I don’t think it’s that unpopular (also judging by the likes you got, I’d say it definitely isn’t LoL). It’s an interesting take. I hadn’t thought about it that way. I’d prefer parking decks to be below ground or wrapped entirely by apartments/office/whatever. But if not, I like it so what hidden for aesthetic reasons. It doesn’t burn me up like some on here. I look at it like a toilet. It’s not the crowning jewel of my house, but it’s necessary, and I’m not gonna hide it behind a tacky curtain. And that’s what you’re thinking hiding it behind fake windows is, which I get. I think some buildings do it pretty well, and others don’t. Good food for thought, so thanks for that. Regardless, I’m hoping whatever screening they do looks good. This has so far been a really good addition to our downtown, and the renderings and first GFR business seem to be continuing that.


I agree that glass isn’t an appropriate shielding material for parking. I’ve seen it used and it doesn’t age well at all, but it’s the ventilation that concerns me most. While I’m confident that a ventilation solution would keep us safe from fumes, I don’t like the idea of being stuck in an above ground deck without any access to breezes. Those sorts of spaces would be stifling hot in the Summer.


& @elevatoroperator I hear what you’re saying, but PNC Tower would like a word…


Clear skies :cityscape:


Sneak peak of the parking deck screening, at least on the East side. I don’t think it’ll look too bad when all is said and done.


This is going to be one of the better looking buildings of late


Looks more like some air vents than parking screening with how small they are. I can’t say enough about how much I love that the garage is only a few floors tall.


A few angles of 400H on an overcast Memorial Day. The second picture cracks me up because of how overgrown it is there - makes it look like it’s poking out of the rainforest.



Thanks for all these updates @atl_transplant !! Especially this one since we’ve not seen how the bottom portion is shaping up.