432 S McDowell St

Just spotted a ‘for sale’ sign up for the property surrounding Poole’s.

lol hilarious concept below:


Just like *batteries not included


I remember 5-year old me dying for my parents to take me to that, such was the power of Cocoon. What a randomly cool reference.

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Reminds me of the thirsty beaver in Charlotte.

That is just god damn ridiculous. I might actually protest if something that stupid actually gets proposed.

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This U type design is pretty traditional for the pre-A/C era. Though it was not prompted by building around a building.
It would be ridiculous.

I don’t think I the U shape is very practical but I don’t understand the hate. At least it would add density.


Obviously this is conceptual to illustrate what the zoning would allow


Because it would look beyond stupid. Break up the parcels, or put something tall behind and over the deck entrance, and something shorter on either side of the AC restaurants. Same density, much less stupid looking.

@evan.j.bost Correct, but just the concept encouraging that type of development is stupid.

I say the concept hasn’t gone far enough.

Buy the air rights over the AC restaurants.


I think if you shortened the “legs” on either side of the McDowell Street side, maybe 6 or 7 floors, then build to the full height on the western side of the parcel it may look OK. As is, it looks a bit claustrophobic on the McDowell Street side for my taste.

I love the Batteries Not Included reference. Great movie!


I agree that it’s a bit over the top for Raleigh (makes total sense in Chicago or NYC)
But if your main goal is to fetch the highest $ per acre, this is not stupid, it’s common sense. If someone was trying to sell you a 32 oz. cup, you’d expect them to fill it to the top to advertise it.

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Agreed. Rough massing, but still pretty ugly. Would work better If the two wings were each unique architecture to appear as individual buildings.


It was prompted by people dying in unventilated rooms in NYC.

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This makes Pooles look like a ‘spite house’.

Ugly is not even a good word for how this rendering looks. It’s extremely atrocious and sad.

The Raleigh Toilet Building!

How about The Interlace building. I thought something like this would have been a good design to cantilever over old low flung historically questionable buildings or over Red Hat so it didn’t have to be demolished.


I’m going to continue to play devil’s advocate on this one. The rendering is sad because it’s not a master plan or architectural rendering. It’s simply a visual representation of the zoning’s full potential


As cool as this crazy complex looks, I don’t see where I would park @Francisco :wink:

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