AC Hotel Raleigh Downtown

Has anyone heard updates on the Willard Hotel on Glenwood or the Glen on Peace Hotel?

I’ve heard nothing. I suspect that both will move slowly.

“Will”…move slowly?
Is, has, will continue to drag butt…

TBJ reporting The Willard property closed for purchase and the buildings can now be demolished.


Just saw that. New thread, @dtraleigh?

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Why not! Now that we have something solid and soon, something to take photos of.


Nothing new but posting the rendering here.


Is this rendering from the Glenwood and Willard intersection? That’s going to significantly change that corner.

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Yes. That’s Glenwood in the foreground with Willard on the right.

Big change, indeed! I lived in the brick apartments with the white columns on Willard for 5 years, and I loved it there. The area will definitely have a different feel. It will be interesting with this on one end of the street and a historic home anchoring the other end.

Now if someone could do something with the Wooten Company parking lot (but please leave the brick apartments).

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To paraphrase:

The group had been considering partnering with the hotel developer to build condominiums as part of the project. But that would have required additional parking and a separate elevator. With those complications in mind, Summit Hospitality eventually quashed the idea. Summit Hospitality didn’t immediately return calls for comment. Site plans submitted with the city and last updated in March show a 7-story, 164,000-square-foot building that includes residential units. The plan is still for the hotel to be developed under the AC Hotels by Marriott brand.

So is it not going to be 7 stories without the 2 top floors of condos? This is some high quality journalism


Weird. Per the original site plan submittal to the City (dated Nov 9 2017):
124 hotel rooms, 16 condos, city required parking 62, provided parking 115, and shows a separate entrance & elevator for condos. So sounds like they were good with parking and already knew about the elevator, so not exactly sure what changed.

I wonder if they’ll up the number of hotel rooms instead. I sure hope so. This place is going to be a moneymaker between its adjacency to Glenwood and the Warehouse district.

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Revised Site Review application for The Willard on the city website shows the hotel is still 7 total floors with the ground floor retail. Now 147 Hotel Units, 86’ Building Height, 98 parking spaces in deck (74 required by city).


Thanks for the update! I hope they actually start doing something soon

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Anything happening with The Willard?

not as far as i can tell walking by. not sure what’s taking this so long to get started

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It hasn’t been approved by the city yet as far as I can tell

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I’m thinking this is a new update here at the Appearance Commission.

AAD-002-19.pdf (2.4 MB)


Also, expect Administrative Alternate Requests to be added to the Wire Service soon. :wink: