William Peace and Seaboard Station

If you look at walkable hotels to the downtown core (this is a known thing for those of us that have been around for a few years or longer but I’m calling it out for your sake @atl_transplant), we have a rather serious deficiency (pre-COVID). Maybe that’s a blessing that leads to survival of those existing, but this time last year we had a half-dozen hotel projects inside the downtown core projected. The existing hotel rooms were booked solid nearly 365. Any time we had visitors coming to town, if they didn’t book weeks in advance, they were staying outside of walking distance and had to Uber. Forget it if there was a conference like World of Bluegrass.

So, I’d like to think as we return to some sense of normalcy and the new hotels like Origin (they were open single digit weeks, maybe even just days before the lock down) and The AC Hotel/Willard are getting booked, we’ll see some of these projects return.

Given the recent announcement that Enterprise is moving to the Life Storage building there’s maybe hope that project is happening? I’d also like to see the Nash Hotel get going again. Consider the Nash Hotel and Nexus happening which would have a considerable impact to bridging Fayetteville St to the Warehouse District. Add the Municipal City Hall project on Hargett and…