Advance Auto 'looking downtown'

TBJ has a report that Advance Auto is ‘looking downtown’. For those that are unaware, technically Advanced Auto is headquartered in Roanoke VA however all of their key executives are based in Raleigh have have been since they acquired Raleigh based General Parts. This is a Fortune 500 company. I don’t have access to the article as its behind their paywall. Anybody else able to read and summarize for us?

Sounds like they will be taking two floors of the Duke Energy tower on Fayetteville Street. (To get past the paywall on TBJ, stop the page from fully loading :slight_smile: )


Taking 2 floors in the Duke Energy building. 38,000 square feet of office space.

eh. one of the worst buildings in the city but maybe that’s a start towards a tower. Any indications of how long of a lease they are signing?

Looks like Advance Auto is currently spread across 4 office buildings on Hargrove Rd. Rough estimate of 90,000 sq ft existing office space plus the huge warehouse on Millbrook. Doubt the warehouse space moves. Best case scenario would be the office space consolidates downtown.

They would have been the perfect candidate for the Edison Dusty Gravel Parking Lot Tower. COMING SOON.


I started reading this thread thinking we were just getting an Advanced Auto retail outlet downtown…:neutral_face:


Length of lease wouldn’t really mean much unless it’s short. They should have no problem subletting if needed. I’d love to see something more substantial than 2 floors in an existing (less attractive) building.