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Greetings everyone. The reality of DTR is parking plinths, there is no escaping them, and we’ve discussed the issue many times. Here is a short article that deals with a suburban parking garage, but is an interesting read and cool pictures about how to disguise these necessary and utilitarian structures. Enjoy!


If only RAL had a unicorn like Nike…

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For all you modernist lovers - the annual Matsumoto prize for best modernist home in NC has open its public voting. They are also having an awards party at the RTP HUB at the end of July. Enjoy the article, follow the link, and vote if you are so inclined!


The announced the winners of the Matsumoto competition.


Hey Y’all. Here are a few recent podcast episodes that might be of interest:

  1. Anna Lynch, CEO of Lynch Mykins Structural Engineers in Raleigh:

  2. Ben Stevens, Author of “The Birth of a Building”:

If you have any feedback on the episodes or show, I’d love to hear it! Also, if you have ideas for future guests, let me know!


For those tracking along with the ADU conversation here in Raleigh (which is likely most of you) here is my conversation with Charles Dillard of the Raleigh Urban Design Center all about ADUs!


Saw this pop up on my LinkedIn and thought I’d share it with the community here. Visit Raleigh has a tourism podcast and they go into detail about the new incentive program being used to attract big esports events to the area (like the recent Halo one). Looks like it was modeled after the film industry incentive program we’re currently using here in North Carolina. I know incentives can be a touchy issue (i.e. Downtown South, Kane, New Apple Campus, etc.) but I think sometimes it’s just how today’s world works IMO. Not saying it’s 100% fair or right, but if you want to cross the bridge you gotta pay the toll is how I look at it.

Either way, as the video touts, there are some big time game developers calling the area home and you would think we could leverage that more for these kind of events?


City Cast (which has daily podcasts for other cities around the country) announced that they’ll be starting a daily podcast & newsletter for the Research Triangle. I’m sure some of the folks on this forum would be interested to listen to/read it once it starts, so figured I’d post it. Will post an update whenever I hear it gets started with a link to their first episode.

They have a job posting for lead producer if anyone in this community might be interested in that: Lead Producer, Research Triangle, NC – City Cast.


Podcast Raleigh just released a new episodes with Mitchell Silver former city planner with Raleigh and now a principal at McAdams.

It is very interesting to hear his ideas and what he did in Raleigh.


I was looking into ways to do more equitable and community-conscious real estate to settle an argument, and ran into these articles. Thought they could be interesting ways for activists and developers to better understand each other so that the NIMBY-YIMBY debate could be made more nuanced and productive:


Since there is a fair bit of discussion about streets/street life, I thought this book review - and perhaps the book - would be of interest to a few of you.
Paul Steege. Review of Ladd, Brian, The Streets of Europe: The Sights, Sounds, and Smells that Shaped Its Great Cities. H-German, H-Net Reviews. April, 2022.


This article popped up on my home page today and thought a few of you might enjoy it. I might have to buy the book!


There has been a lively discussions about both replacing PNC Arena with a downtown arena, and about building a soccer park in DTS. Here is good article on the legacy of Camden Yards, both the good parts but also the legacy of billionaire team owners blackmail and how the public has come to accept it. Enjoy!!


It helps to have a city that doesn’t have 100+ square miles of voters living in single family homes.

Any talks of PNC being replaced has died

Very interesting article. Thanks for posting. I agree with the main points: Camden Yards is a great ballpark (been there many times), the public subsidization of pro sports is a major part of Camden’s legacy, and that such subsidization is not a good economic use of taxpayer dollars.


Here’s an interesting (and depressing) article about how the US has much higher roadway deaths than countries, for motorists and especially for cyclists and pedestrians.


I hope that this is right place for this transportation link:

Why public transportation is especially expensive to build in the U.S.

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@JByrne’s podcast is back! I enjoyed this chat with Ken Bowers and I think others would appreciate the weedsy chit chat into land use and zoning. Give it a listen.