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99% Invisible did an episode recently about coverting office buildings to residential. Its an idea that I hear floated pretty often and sometimes get questions about as a structural engineer (I’m not that kind of structural engineer, so I never have much of an answer other than broad strokes, ha). Especially in the post covid, remote/hybrid work world.

I don’t think its really their finest work, but it is nice to see someone at least take a small dive into some of the issues these kinds of projects have to deal with. I think this topic deserved a bit more time and would have loved to see them do a mini series on it.

Anyway, I saw this thread get revived and thought this episode might be interesting to some folks here. Enjoy!


Thanks for the shoutout @dtraleigh! In addition to Ken’s interview, this season I have chatted with:

  • Two episodes with Mary Sell (out today) and Bill King with Downtown Raleigh Alliance
  • Clayton Collins with CBRE Raleigh
  • Marcus Ginyard with Medalist Capital (and UNC and Pro Basketball)

and in 2 weeks I’ll release my chat with Brent Wadas of BotBuilt who is framing homes with robots!

If anyone has any guest suggestions, can you let me know with a reply?


Here is an interesting video on the redevelopment of a Paris suburb that turned the place around:


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