Bike Lanes in and around DTR


A Raleigh first happening over on Oberlin Road near Cameron Village, parking-protected bike lanes. No need to say more, these are very welcome IMO and hope that there is overwhelmingly positive feedback from this project and more are brought to areas in and around downtown.

See more on the project page:

Also, survey:


We need these everywhere. Some of the bike lanes we have now are a joke.


This is a great thing for Cameron Village. That road fits in poorly with its surroundings; it’s too wide and too unfriendly to pedestrians. The two apartment buildings at the corner of Clark give a nice urban sense, and having street parking AND protected bike lanes will be an excellent improvement.

Now, if we can just have those power lines buried . . .


HAgreed! Especially about the power lines…
I despise overhead power lines! :angry:

Now, about this new way of doing bike lanes with separation from moving vehicles…Love it! :+1:

Sadly, where I live at th Intersection of Edwards Mill road and Glen Eden drive the city is resurfacing and will have the bike lanes, but I sure do wish we had these…yes, I’m jealous!


Love the idea of protected bike lanes, especially in these in town locations.

The presentation says there is the “potential to relocate some overhead utilities to underground.”


those lanes on Glen Eden will be buffered, but not protected. It’s the best we can hope for during routine resurfacing and striping projects- going protected would have to come out of another project process and funding source. It would require different maintenance, could affect access and drainage. Not saying separated is not appropriate here, but we’re not going to get anything better than paint out of the resurfacing program.

BUT!! the lane striping will be improved to carry the bike lane all the way to the intersection instead of disappearing a few hundred fee prior.


Phase 1 of the Blount/Person Corridor plan should start real soon. The big add here is reducing the number of travel lanes from mostly 3 to 2 and adding a bike lane from Hoke Street (in South Park) up to Old Louisburg (pretty much Capital Blvd) on both streets. That’s a nice addition as that’s approx 3 miles on each street.

Here’s the Phase 1 project page.

The anticipate having the restriping and phase 1 work done by end of Fall 2018. There was a delay on this project due to the NCDOT wanting to get funds together as they are a partner on this project.

Here’s Blount Street before the restriping.


I’m very excited about the bike lanes. That is a significant length, and it will make connecting N/S along the east side of DT by bike a pleasurable experience.


Oh nice! I actually forgot about this since it took so long, but I remember being very excited about the idea. As someone who runs/walks downtown frequently, I hate these 3-4 lane one way roads. It’s like standing next to a freeway.


Blount and Person definitely need a diet, the speeds some people travel down these streets (especially if they’re hitting green lights) are a little much for downtown. I’m excited to see this.


Had to laugh at this one… During my brief time living in Winston-Salem, if you drove down Fourth Street (then one way) at 17 mph, you could hit all green lights from Broad to Main. If you went any faster, you would have to tap the brakes. Sounds like the light cycles in DTR should be adjusted to slow folks down :wink:


Is the two-way conversion still happening? It was part of the original plan’s Phase I but I didn’t see it mentioned in the update.


It would be amazing if the lights on Blount/Person were timed so that a bike could hit them all on green. :wink:


From the city’s website
“Person Street would be restored to two-way traffic from Delway Street/Mordecai Drive to Peace Street. Also phase one would define the lane configuration of Blount and Person streets from Peace Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to a consistent two travel lanes, adding bicycle lanes and on-street parking on both sides.”

Also found this rather interesting regarding Phase 3 of the project.
“Phase three proposes analysis of the restoration of two-way traffic to Blount and Person streets. Should a two-way restoration be desired and prove feasible, phase three would add roundabouts at the transitions with Wake Forest Road and Hammond Road and add new traffic signals at all signalized intersections on Blount and Person streets. Two potential roundabouts would be added north and south of Capital Boulevard at Wake Forest Road as a part of the long term plan for Capital Boulevard.”

Exciting stuff all around with Moore Square also getting a renovation.


Jeez it’s about time.

I helped with a traffic study early last year for a development on Atlantic Avenue and the transportation planning department told me they were planning on doing it in the resurfacing cycle in 2017. 1.5 years later…(and they better hurry up if they want to do it before winter strikes, delaying it until spring 2019)


If I remember - John Odom ran against Charles Meeker the cycle after Meeker beat Coble. Late 90’s? Odom’s only campaign talking point seemed to be syncing up the traffic lights downtown. Odom lost and Meeker’s administration adopted the idea and lights were synced within a couple of years.

It would be great to get our bike-priority streets to be timed for bikes. Right now bikes have to stop at nearly every light because of auto-focused timing.


There was some other dumbing down of the original plan too, such as taking away several bulb-outs at intersections…important for discouraging cars from flying too fast and giving some additional protection for pedestrians and parked cars.


From what I understand, the bulb-outs are part of phase 2.


It’s been my experience that one has to travel a bit above the speed limit sometimes to hit all of the green lights traveling north or south through DT on the couplet of streets. I’d love for that to be timed so that it works best when traveling 30MPH, instead of almost 40.


I’m excited this is finally happening. I bike on Person and East almost daily and have had way too many near misses with cars that don’t want to share the road. I will feel much safer with a dedicated bike lane going N/S through downtown.

However it’s going to be a letdown when the bike lanes are downgraded to sharrows after the two-way conversion. It’s also disappointing that the bike lanes won’t extend to Big Boss / Lynwood.