Bike Lanes in and around DTR

That is actually a big point, 2017-2020 pop growth is going to be small while Raleigh makes the change to density and it definitely is.

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Raleigh will end this decade a slower growing, but more densely populated city than in the last several decades. The key to Raleigh’s future is how to add 500ppl/m2 each decade while not sprawling outward. I think that’s a very modest goal given how large our limits currently are.
Bicycle infrastructure in the most dense areas of the city is a key component to supporting that growth, as the additional 500 ppl/m2 are not likely to be be spread evenly across the city, rather more densely in some specific nodes: especially downtown.


In my suburban area I have Not seen any dense building, and zero bike lanes. But four of the new, quite large, subdivision plans recently filed for my area only have triple story townhomes attached. My area is almost completely single family homes with apartments going up in a few areas. This will add a lot of density to my area, and it will provide a nest look to. Especially since two of these three of the four subdivisions are going to add connected street networks (their streets will connect to all of the other subdivisions and connect to major arteries) making driving and walking a lot easier, as well as connecting to high schools, hopefully this will have them add Bike lanes.

New suburban development is a lot more dense than old suburban development, and it’s more likely to consider pedestrians and cyclists, opposed to a lot of past development where even sidewalks weren’t always provided.


I live in a 2006 suburb and it still not as dense, I am just shocked at the height of these houses. I really hope they incorporate bike lanes and large sidewalks into their main arteries.

It would be really great to see parking-protected bike lanes in Raleigh. Obviously it can’t happen everywhere due to space or logistical considerations, but surely there’s somewhere they could be installed, such as Hillsborough St. between Morgan and St. Marys — there’s a small separation between the bike lanes and the travel lanes. Why did they not place the parking next to the travel lanes rather than the sidewalk?

Here’s what I mean:

My thought was why did that not bring out a curbing machine (tooth paste machine) and run a curb along the line closest to sidewalk about the with of the separation lane and move have parking along car lane.

I was in Evanston recently. This is the ticket


Yes this is what I want, a real curb


After a recent death of a cyclist in Denver, there have been some protests about cycling safety in the city. Those against argue that cycling infra is counter to historic preservation. I feel the same argument might be made here and this commentary from a local news org in Denver hits it dead on.


I saw that too — that newscaster is spot on.

It reminds me of this clip from the Late Late Show with James Corden, who brings up a similar debate in Coronado, CA, though with a much more humorous approach:

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Raleigh currently has a Bronze level status with the League of American Bicyclists. Here is your chance to provide input on our cycling infrastructure.

The City of Raleigh recently reapplied to renew our Bicycle Friendly Community status with the League of American Bicyclists.

Please take a minute to complete this brief survey and help us gain a better understanding of your cycling experiences in Raleigh.


I did it the other day!
One thing that I’d like the city to explore is bike lane safety through the traffic circles.

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Thanks for sharing - just completed.

Oaks & Spokes sent a questionnaire to all candidates running for Raleigh City Council. Here are the responses received. Thoughts?

Oaks & Spokes – 26 Jul 19

Candidate Questionnaire

(Also posted in “Raleigh candidates for City Council” forum)


Boston bike lanes.


You are the man @OakCityDylan! Why can’t we have this in Raleigh? Technically a cycle track (because both way traffic on one side) like the one Oaks and Spokes worked for over a year to get a “tactical urbanism” experiment on for Harrington St.

@RaleighBikeLady what is the latest on making that permanent? Didn’t Oaks and Spokes get a couple hundred peoples feedback on how awesome it was?


Also want this. How about on Hillsborough and Blount and Harrington Streets?

Beacon St., Boston


Just saw on twitter the Central CAC is holding a meeting to discuss a proposed Cycle-Track on State. St from MLK to the 40 bridge on Sep. 23rd. I wonder if this means they are giving up on the Harrington St Cycle track or plan on making more.


This is fantastic! That portion of State St. is insanely wide for only two lanes of traffic.

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