Bike Lanes in and around DTR

I ride my bike up Gorman in the direction the white car is headed. I didn’t realize the construction was for a bike lane on the other side of the street. What I did know is that now cars coming from behind me can’t go over the yellow line when they go around me because the on-coming cars are right next to the yellow line, so instead they come very close to where I am riding. Of course they could slow down and wait for on-coming traffic to pass and then go around, but no.

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Awesome! Those Lanes pictured are on Lineberry between Trailwood and Lake Wheeler, and they definitely needed sweeping!

That’s no fun. I wonder if the bike lane will be two-way?


The project webpage says that it will be a two-way separated bike path, so it appears so! I’m glad they are also putting some thought into the intersections.

Here is the link to the project page:


The northbound bike lanes and new payment are being installed today on Atlantic Ave.


Just a bit off topic, but - was out at the farmer’s market today and noticed they were working on the new entrance into the market.

This has been under construction for quite a while. I could speculate what’s been delaying it but it’s probably taking 3-4x longer than I’d expect for something like this. That said, my background isn’t road construction/civil engineering or anything pertaining to this. LOL

The original plan was for only right turns out of the market but that wasn’t consistent with the state’s plans for the Maywood intersection. I’m guessing the alignment with Maywood caused the delay.


There is or was a disagreement between the City and State regarding the exit onto Lake Wheeler. The State owns the Market and wanted the exit to be right turn only. The City is responsible for Lake Wheeler and Maywood, but they wanted a 4 way intersection with traffic lights.

The last I heard (the previous Saturday) was the City and State have reached an agreement and will be installing a 4 way intersection with traffic lights at Maywood.


Wanted to make sure everyone was aware - the City of Raleigh is hosting “Stroll in the Streets” this weekend and Oaks and Spokes will be working to install another pop-up bike lane, and will also be hosting other community activations during the event. You can see all the events / details, here:

Hope to see some of you there!


Very nice event and seemed to be well attended.


I went with my family and we had a good time.


Great event! Very chill vibe and wonderful weather.

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The tweet’s a bit hyperbolic, but WOW all that destruction. What a shame.


that is the 70s Denver I knew growing up. Its amazing the PO tower survived. Id like to see this view now.

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New N Harrington bike lane


I doubt improvements were made at the railroad track right? That one piece bothers me.