Bike Lanes in and around DTR

This is a really poor stretch of road for anyone not in a vehicle. I’ve walked it, OneWheel’ed it, and I need a drink when I finally get to the other side. Fortunately Lynwood brewing is right there for the survival celebration! :beers:


oh well…i rode it. somewhat nerve-wrecking

I agree that it is bad, but I ride over the bridge there pretty regularly.

Also, not everyone is coming from that direction. Its a decently safe ride down Whitaker Mill from Five Points. It also seems like it will eventually be connected to the greenway by sidewalks.

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I can feel that in a way, but on a different aspect. I don’t want it to be seen, not used, and then people say “we provided bike parking but it’s never used” when the real reason it isn’t used is because there really isn’t a good comfortable way to get there to use the bike rack. I would be coming from East Whitaker Mill and do not like that the bike lanes don’t go full on. I would feel comfortable myself taking the lane though. I don’t expect everyone to feel that way or even want to attempt.

Do you think you’d ride on this street if the lane wasn’t there? I’m mainly curious on a different viewpoint. I believe the goal of bike lanes was to promote more cycling. I’m curious if this lane does that. I’m also hoping it doesn’t only connect to the greenway via sidewalks. Would be a sad connection.

Is that in the monthly deck? I’ll have to check that out.

I think it’s awesome they at least put it in.

I’m curious how wide each driving lane is? If there is room to narrow, it could be a win/win. The city could design the road to slow the speed (speed limit is 35 here, right?), and the extra feet could go to the bike lane and possibly some separation. Then again, the city may already narrowed the lanes to give us that pathetic excuse for a bike lane.

The lanes have definitely been narrowed already. I’m not sure how wide they are now, but that Silverado doesn’t have much room to spare on either side.


Yup, right inside the monthly deck

Vault Craft Beer has small-scale covered bike parking behind the building.


Oaks & Spokes :bike::

CALL TO ACTION - St Mary’s road safety improvements are under fire with the usual arguments:

“No one rides a bike here.”

“Bike lanes cause congestion and will slow car traffic.”

“…but the parking!”

Give feedback in favor of these improvements today!


Survey: Saint Mary's Street Bikeway Project - Resurfacing - PublicInput

(Oaks & Spokes Post)

Note: this is the survey that I posted a few days ago on the surveys page.


I have good news regarding the survey:

Sanity prevails… currently but please continue to vote! :bike:


Thank goodness. Honestly, the initial responses worried the hell out of me.

It always perplexes me how the same people are saying that we shouldn’t add bike lanes for safety reasons, but also that bikers not currently using this road to bike in both hold merit at the same time. I have some huge issues with a lot of the bike lanes in Raleigh. In my opinion, bare minimum, all bike lanes in Raleigh should have a DMZ and some vertical form of visual separation, like it’s highlighted here


At least a couple of the State Gov’t decks have had them for a couple decades now. I used to use the one on North Salisbury everyday (before I moved out of Oakwood).


I took the survey. Thanks for linking it for us.


Just having Broughton there is a reason to maximize the bike and walking infrastructure.


Transfer has a bunch of new bike racks and a bike service station now. Feels like this was Oaks and Spokes’ doing.


Project page is up for the new Downtown Mobility Study. First public touchpoint meeting is scheduled for sometime in May.

Downtown Mobility Study |

“I never see people biking” :bike:

Exhibit A:



If the city is serious about biking infrastructure, they need to start handing out parking tickets to these a-holes. This happens all across the city. Bike lanes are useless as is.


Honestly, I think you fight car culture with concrete, not paint. We have got to get into putting in place more permanent or semi-permanent structures to just keep vehicles out of the bike lanes. Like they physically can’t get there.


Must’ve been a Sunday… I absolutely DETEST that churches get to play by a different set of rules than … ANYONE else. They don’t even pay taxes but get to steal bike lanes for parking? F*** OFF.