Bloc 83 - One Glenwood and Origin Hotel

Snapped this last night.


Great shot!


Pretty striking view of the parking garage. Hoping after Two Hillsborough that they move forward with the “future phase of Two Glenwood” (from those site plans) and build along the Hargett frontage to hide the garage.

They’re saying mid 2019 for the hotel so I’m guessing they’re either going to do the two "Two"s at once or they’ve changed their plans.

There’s another future phase earmarked for the back of the property between Hargett and the parking deck. Curious what’s planned for there and the timeline for that.

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Maybe they’ll revive the dream of Raleigh Beach :grin:


How did Origin Hotel score a Glenwood Ave. address when it’s not on Glenwood Ave? 2 Glenwood?

I may be wrong but, I think Glenwood Avenue ends right at that hotel/parking deck?

Yeah it does but logically 1 Glenwood would be the hotel and 2 Glenwood would be the office building. The numbers should start at 1 right? I think it’s more marketing…

Is the hotel part of this round of construction? I know parking decks go up fast compared to steel and girder construction, but it looks like they’re just focusing on the deck right now. Hope I’m wrong.

Glenwood ends at Morgan, and the hotel faces Morgan on the south side of the street. It’s not on Glenwood. If it were on the north side of Morgan and bordered Glenwood on one side like One Glenwood does, I could see them using a Glenwood Address because they could choose one road or the other. It will be interesting what Apple & Google Maps does with that address.

My guess is that 1 Glenwood and 2 Glenwood are just the names of the buildings, making it sound like a campus. (sort of) Mapping apps will just use their property address.

Plus the address of 2 Glenwood gets you close enough. :grin:

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It would have made more sense to me if the entire multi-parcel “campus” was just called 1Glenwood.

Two Glenwood is just the name of the development. I bet the building will be called Origin Hotel. And the parking deck will just be called Parking Deck.


The parking deck they are currently working on has no windows / openings facing Morgan St., And it appears to be super close to the road, like not enough room for a hotel between, but maybe there is. I’m on mobile and don’t feel like downloading the site plan - anyone know where the hotel is going in relation to the deck?

The hotel is going on the side of the deck between the deck and One Glenwood. Scroll down here to see the rendering. It will just be one room deep.

Also, note the address of 2 Glenwood Ave. :crazy_face:


I like the look of the rooms, a little more upscale vs Aloft (to contemporary)

Having it only one room deep is really surprising. And that’s gonna be a pretty blank wall on the one side of that hallway. I guess they know what they’re doing

Origin Hotel looks good. Surprised though that they wouldn’t at least make it an L shape to put rooms on the side facing downtown instead of just a wall facing North. There will be great views of Quroum and the midrange towers of lower Glenwood. But… kind of like the 10 story Residence Inn by the Convention Center… the roof bar points the wrong way…


Trying to figure out how exactly it’s all going to be situated has been a fun game for me and my friend the last several months.