Bloc 83 - One Glenwood and Origin Hotel


I’m also curious about the purpose of this staircase.
Fire exit? Walking path to Warehouse district?


The columns are not spaced to allow for parking on the lower levels. Probably back of house and meeting spaces.


There’s a sidewalk path on the other side of the building (towards Moonlight Pizza) that connects to the warehouse district. I’m curious about this stairwell also, but am guessing it’s going to be access to the receiving/maintenance/supplies I imagine will be on the lower levels.

And as far as the floors, everything set up for rooms on the railroad facing side will be rooms. The sub-street level floors that are not set up as rooms will probably be for employees (laundry, offices, etc.)


Seems like rooms facing the tracks would be a recipe for complaints—> refunds. I’ve heard stories of Hampton on Glenwood giving out lots of refunds for RR and partiers on the street both.


A homeless shelter on the ground floor would be fantastic! The need is there.


Yeah, that’s just the thing to bring in customers to the hotel…


So much parking. :roll_eyes:


It could be worse…


Are they not going to add office on top of this?


This is very sad indeed. :cry:
You’d have to let a developer build a really tall mixed use building whithin just a foot to camouflage this visual travesty. :wink:


I don’t think so, they are just starting construction on an 18 story office building on the other side of the Legacy Union Tower. Part of me wonders if part of the reason this parking structure is so large has to do with its proximity to the stadium and additional parking for BofA Stadium events.

Sorry for mentioning CLT… but the size of this parking deck makes ours look a bit better. I am hoping there is a future Phase III to build on the Hargett Street side of this parcel that will cover this monstrosity.


I’d love it if down the road, they put a tower facing Hargett where now it’s surface parking and a rear entrance to parking deck. That way the deck is kind of sandwiched between two buildings.


Welcome to Raleigh. The 20th Century City.


Theyre supposed to have room in what is right now being made into a parking lot for future development. I think this view will be mostly hidden by that building in a couple years.

Also, yes, developers are going to build parking for their tenants. They plan for what customers want now, not what some people on a blog hope will be the socially engineered future.


I would always think that a developer would build what there customers want. But with that being said, a developer can also make a name for themselves by adding the smallest amount of flare? Something to say “this is a John Kane project”?


I mean they painted the deck TWO shades of grey, what more do you want?! Lol


No; it’s being constructed to serve the entire development, which is the office tower under construction now, plus at least two other office towers and two residential towers. It’s going to be massive, hence the massive garage.

But at the very least it has brick cladding. :roll_eyes:


Hey, I’ll take what I can get…Lol :wink::blush:


I don’t really care if a parking deck if visible, just as long as it’s pleasing to look at, or they could do one better and just put them underground.


Which is prohibitively expensive