Bloc 83 - One Glenwood and Origin Hotel


It’s only till 5pm… You can sleep on the plane!

I’m going to this. If any of you go, look for the guy who looks like my profile pic… :smiley:


Webcam is up and running again…


That’s looking to be one of the most narrow hotel hallways in history :joy::joy::joy:

Also wondering if the official 7-floor count starts at Morgan St level, or at that bottom floor that sits below Morgan- because if the latter, I’m not seeing how 7-stories is going to get the roof to even out with the top of the deck… really hoping this won’t be another L-building situation where there’s a full story of blank concrete wall rising above the hotel. Absolutely hate the L for that.


Reminds me of hotels I’ve stayed at in Asia or even Manhattan. Small rooms and narrow hallways make sense for certain kinds of travelers. Good to see DTR getting a diversity of options.


I am disappointed that it looks like the structural steel has stopped and they are just framing with metal studs going up from this point. I am sure it is fine and up to code, but it lessens the quality of the structure in my opinion.


If you were wondering how they fit the rooms in this slim space check out today’s webcam image.


I never wondered. There has always seemed to be enough room. They wouldn’t have built it if it couldn’t be done. :grin:


They’re looking pretty nice, especially from this angle. Excited to see the hotel go up now.


Sorry if I missed this, but that is a HUGE parking deck. What is that going to be used for? Just the hotel and One Glenwood ?


I’m wondering if it could be used for a potential phase 3 which would be in front of the deck on the Hargett side.
I forget how many spaces it has but I’m guessing it has enough but idk.


Got to tour One Glenwood today. They will have some of the best views of downtown. Also Dram and Draught is relocating to the corner facing the Origin Hotel in One Glenwood, not waiting for their building to be demolished and the new building to go up, which makes sense.



That is a fantastic view. I wouldn’t mind working in one of those offices; especially, when they finally build 400H and the 300 Hillsborough project.


I talked to some of the project managers over drinks later and apparently Heritage wants to expand more but are facing some high prices for some of the adjacent lots. Ironic since they’re the ones driving the property value. Also, they wanted to build taller than 10 stories but the height limit made it hard to do so since they’d have to apply for rezoning and studies etc. So the idiotic zoning the city council did is having real effects on our skyline


Very sad indeed. Hope that you had a good time. (Taking one for the team)Lol


Great pictures! That first one of the full skyline is outstanding! Skyhouse shows nicely, and even the Citrix parking garage has some prominence.


Went Downtown this Morning for a walk around, and came upon this… sorry for the burry pics, it was very foggy this morning.


Rooms facing the railroad? Kind of cool to incorporate this side of the building. Or maybe that’s just more parking?


Great picture, thank you!

…it certainly looks like either rooms or maybe office space? A bit too early to tell…:thinking:


I’d imagine that the floors below the street level are not for rooms, though it might be interesting if they were. It would certainly be more edgy than most anything happening downtown right now. That said, with the possibility of “wanderers” hanging out along the tracks, I am not so certain that I’d want to be on that bottom floor. I’d imagine that the ground floor will have the laundry, a kitchen, and some other service oriented spaces. I also wonder if some/all of that ground floor isn’t just parking.
Now, the top floors facing east, yes please!