Bloc 83 - One Glenwood and Origin Hotel


Here’s the ConstructionCam. This is really a neat project. That parking garage must be the tallest in the Triangle at 9 or (looks like 10) levels? Anyone know a taller one?


The Wake County parking deck is 9 levels


Cool photo with the sunrise


This building may only be 10 floors, but it’s footprint sure is wide/big…is that the American Red-Cross behind it? If memory serves I vaguely remember reading in the N&O some time ago that they are looking to sale their building.


Personally, I’m liking the west facing facade more than the east facing one. For one, the linear nature of the west facade emphasizes its height.


From a walk earlier today. I’m loving this block of Glenwood these days!


I’m trying to get a Grasp at how they are building the Hotel Part, are the Rooms being built around the parking deck ? Is that Correct ?


Yes but just in front and on that left side. Wherever the black paint is. I just walked by. You should too. It’s very informative in terms of visualizing it all.


Yes. Just like the L building wrapped around the Wake County Parking deck. If anybody remembers the art work that used to be there for years during the recession…


Ya know, the rooms that face east are going to have a really nice view from their windows.


I might be the only one… but anyone else think the “wood wrap” on the bottom doesn’t match the rest of the building? I think its the color that makes me feel that way. Its too orange for the Tan and dark brick. I love the idea of the “wood” to separate that section of the building away from the rest… however… I think they could have gone with a different color or maybe even kept the dark brick they have.

I really want to like it… because I do really like this building… but every time I drive by… I just don’t think it matches at all.


Is anyone else having issues with the Construction Cam? Everytime I check it, it is dated 10-11-18. Those of us who don’t get downtown often rely on these cams to see what is going on :slight_smile:


Yes it’s been stuck for at least a week now.


Maybe it’ll fade nicely.


It was just announced One Glenwood will be the headquarters for Capital Bank.
Which will include their name and signage on the building.


So I would assume they are maxed out on leases or at least 90+?

If so, with the second tower going up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them quickly role the dice on a third tower right away.


The article says only the 7th and 8th floor (plus branding/signage) will be Capital Bank.

Trying to understand if this was their headquarters, but it doesn’t sound like it. The “Raleigh Headquarters” will be here, whatever that means. Looks like Capital Bank is a subsidiary of First Horizon that owns First Tennessee and is located in TN. A total of 100 people will work in this location.

Great news regardless. Like to see large swaths of office space being snatched up!


I assume they shut it down since the building is basically done. I’m sad because I wanted to watch the hotel go up…


November 15th - Tour One Glenwood Tower

Unfortunately I leave for my two month long trip to Southeast Asia early next morning so I will have to miss this.


I’ll be riding my bike to Key West the next AM, so I’ll be missing it too. :frowning_face:

Oh, and imagine if this was a 20 story building on one of the highest land points downtown.