Bloc 83 - One Glenwood and Origin Hotel


Between buildings? Not just from the outside elements?


It’s a waterproofing layer to protect future building from moisture wicking through the concrete is my guess


Taking a close look at the floor plans it appears that only one row of hotel rooms would fit on each of the six floors facing Morgan Street, with the ground floor reserved for retail. Even assuming more hotel rooms could fit above the hotel lobby on the northeast corner of the building, I don’t see how 130 hotel rooms could possible fit.


Maybe it will be 130, 300sqft hotel rooms.


There’s eight doorways from the end stair of the parking deck into the hotel (based on webcam observations). Maybe there are a couple of floors we’re missing.


this puzzle has been driving me crazy since they started building


Looks like 16 hotel rooms per floor going across the front to me. And probably more rooms off to the side.


Looks like the rooms wrap all around building.


The window installation looks to be close to wrapping up on One Glenwood. The brick work seems to be complete and the scaffolding is down.

I took this pic from the Hemp Farmacy parking lot. Check them out! CBD products galore. Their hemp buds (no THC) are NC grown. Neat shop, franchised out of Wilmington. There’s a recent video of them on the N&O site.

They sure have a great view of this fast-rising 10 story tower!


An article in TBJ teases an Austin TX based restaurant coming to One Glenwood. Any guesses?


Hopefully it’s not the same awful Austin Mexican restaurant that is at North Hills, that is some awful food, once was enough.


It’s not from Austin, but would love to see a Buca di Beppo restaurant in downtown Raleigh


That’s my fear: Chuy’s.


Yes, Chuy’s, awful. If it is, waste of space.
Thanks for name.


This building is looking great!

400H sign is still up, that needs to break ground!


For sure. Obviously the financing isn’t there.


I think they are waiting on Amazon. Anything big like 400H is going to wait for a Amazon decision and then seek a zoning variance.


Looks like some steel is starting to go up at the Origin Hotel site.


I like the way this developer moves quickly with a good quality building (but they need to have it look a bit more urban than suburban).
I hope they go taller on other buildings, valuable land cannot be wasted.