Bloc 83 - One Glenwood and Origin Hotel


I like the idea of keeping the state government downtown, but the north end of DTR is dead. If I were king, I would double the height of the state govt buildings and replace them one by one. I would also get serious about mass transit, and sell off many/most of the parking lots owned by the State for private development. But I am not king, and I would never be voted in democratically. So all I can do is dream and hope.


How many floors above the street is the Origin Hotel? Does anyone know? I ask because this gives us a really good juxtaposition of the difference between commercial building heights vs. hotel/residential occupancy buildings.


What do you mean? I’m not sure I follow. Do you mean to the top of the origin?


How many floors above the street is the hotel? I don’t care how many are at the garage levels below the street.


I believe it will be 5. They’re working on floor 3 right now.


Thanks. So, the hotel doesn’t go as tall as the garage? That’s disappointing.


The original renderings shows the hotel going to the top of the parking garage and topping out at 7 stories.
I don’t know if this is still the plan however. Since a similar image is currently on the hotel’s website I would think it’s accurate.


It’s 7 stories, going to the top of the deck. You can see on the website the areas of the deck that are painted black, as opposed to grey. That’s where the hotel will be. It also matches up with the doors going into the deck at each level. And this rendering is updated and more accurate.


Yeah the one I posted is more of a drawing and not a rendering; the only substantive change is that it appears the drawing has rooms on the corner facing the tracks whereas the rendering doesn’t (or has windowless prison-cell like rooms.) They’re certainly building something on the tracks side but it remains to be seen if they’re guest rooms or something else.


It looks to me that they’ll be guest rooms on the levels above street level. I’m guessing that front side that doesn’t have windows now is like bathroom or AC vents.

I’ve been watching this project closely for awhile, particularly intrigued because several parts are like a puzzle I’m trying to solve. Lol


I’m just mostly interested if we’re going to get a decent restaurant with the hotel (and with One Glen as well.) The Origin at Red Rocks looks like they have a cool little taqueria & beer garden.


I hope so too but I think one Glenwood is just getting a burger place and the Dram and Draught. The hotel at least has the below ground thing, which is neat on its own.


Some photos of One Glenwood from a recent walk.


Have you seen it lit up at night? Pretty cool!


We couldn’t decide what sort of facade material we should use, so we just used all of them.
I really, really don’t like this building.


There is so much visual tension between the orange, taupe brick and glass it is mind numbing. Please give the architect a color blindness exam…


Not to mention that all those facade sections look like they’ve been slapped onto the building willy nilly.


The big Maude pots are taking up a lot of the side walk, is for safety? Should have planted the trees in the ground.


They did both actually, pots and in-ground.


I don’t mind the east side. Sort of a Mondrian look to it.

West side is horrible though. Like they were trying to make it easier to get approval to put a building there to block it.

*edited for mixing up east/west, apologies.