Bloc 83 - One Glenwood, Two Hillsborough, and Phase 3

Do you see the shadow that would produce at 6:00 on December 21st?!

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Sorry if someone already called this out, but just noticed this “mural” painted on the side of the building. I like it!


Honestly, I gotta wonder… was this deck built as a pedestal that could add future levels? Kinda like Powerhouse Plaza deck? Does anyone know?


I think that we can all hope that it was, but I wouldn’t put my money on it. It’s a bit too far west for it to have likely been considered for a high rise at the time that it was being designed.


More signage going up


After putting something up on the blog about Bloc 83, I decided to merge the two threads. The One Glenwood thread has been capped off by the Gucci’s fantastic photos. Thanks all!

Everything after their post has been merged here. This thread has been renamed so let’s keep all Bloc 83 stuff here including the upcoming phase 3. :slight_smile:


Saw a woman died from apparently falling off the parking deck. Obviously very sad, and also kind of mysterious. :grimacing:

Isn’t that parking deck not open yet. Unfortunately sounds like suicide

Yeah. I tried to go up there recently and the elevator wasn’t on. Gave up cuz I didn’t want to hike up all those stairs. But the driving portion is open.

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Could easily have been pushed… I wouldn’t jump to conclusions

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Timeless Tuesday
Wish I had gotten a shot a bit further to the west to capture the full 3 parcels of the Bloc 83 development. I’m sure I have some from later than this date (March 26, 2017).
Google Photos


Darn, I would still like to see air rights for the railroad area between Hillsborough st and Union station and over to Boyland AV. Would make a major extension of downtown and remove an eyesore.


Whoever is in charge of the One Glenwood lights be trolling right now. They’ve got One Glenwood in Tampa Bay Lightning Blue :imp:

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Right? I’m gonna message some peeps about that. Get with it!


Please do! I see that building from my apartment window. I was not happy :joy:

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No the worse part was that the DEPA building had blue lights shining on it and they showed it on national television during the first game in the series :man_facepalming:t4:

Charlotte, without an NBA team in playoffs, have decked out it’s skyline in rainbow colors for pride month. How can little Atlanta accomplish this with multi colors, and all we want is RED!


… alternating with Pride colors on non-game days (wishing).


Wasn’t game day last night. But they had it back in red!

Saw that. Tonight should be better!