Blue Ridge Corridor

Why did NCMA build that ‘amazing’ Welcome Center in the park area? Did anyone else have hopes that it would offer some sort of food or better yet a bar area like the Cary Park Bark Bar? Having the bathrooms makes sense, but otherwise seems a huge waste of a nice building overlooking the park.


The bathrooms were a primary reason for building the Welcome Center. It also serves as a starting point for tours of the art park and has information about the museum and park. I think they were planning to have vending machines but I haven’t been recently. They have a lot of camps for kids in the summer and they use it for meeting up and using the bathroom.


I’ve stopped by inside to get some bottled water. It’s a convenient stop when riding on the Reedy Creek Trail. I definitely did wish they would have at least some type of food option. I think they did have some type of snack, but definitely not restaurant type food.

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Coffee/panino bar, like you see everywhere in Rome, sounds ideal!!!

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Meanwhile, anyone know why the pedestrian bridge on Blue Ridge over Wade Ave hasn’t even started yet?


They pushed some dirt around sometime back and it looked like they were starting. But that’s been like a year ago it seems.


Would love this to get started. The current bridge has zero room to support pedestrians (I did it once since I was stuck on other side, never again). Provides options to bike or walk from NCMA to fairgrounds, Canes, NCSU games, and the future development in that area.


This. I’m 2 miles from Carter-Finley/PNC and would love to ride my bike, but that bridge is the only thing stopping me.