Bring MLB To Raleigh

I know this will never fly on several levels, but…

If we want a good name with a solid tie to baseball history in the region, just steal the Durham Bulls name but have the team in Raleigh.

It works for many pro teams -
NY - Jets / Giants play Jersey
49’s in Santa Clara
Cowboys don’t play in Dallas

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i guess the 'Flycatcher 'is native to NC and SC…and kind of has a baseball theme to it.


I’m fine with this, because the Durham Bulls were the ones who bought the Raleigh Capitals and dissolved them in the first place. Just karma really😂

But make everyone mad and call them the Raleigh Bulls


Over my dead body do I want a Raleigh based team to be named Durham.
SF 49ers may be in Santa Clara, but the entire area is the San Francisco Bay Area. This allows them to keep using SF with some sort of reasonable explanation.


Raleigh Bulls… could probably get a big Red Bull sponsorship out of it!


Sunday Night Baseball live from the Bull City: Raleigh, NC.


Raleigh Bulls…Welcome to Drunktown (which of course would be the sportsbook / bar overlooking the outfield)

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I would rather they call them the Raleigh Matadors.


RBC - Raleigh Baseball Club


True Durham can be MILB afílate.

It’s finally getting media attention.


Visited Seattle’s downtown baseball stadium last night. (Note: All of Seattle’s stadiums & arenas are Downtown)

Saw a couple “signs” I will deem good for Raleighwood MLB.

Side Note: Hampton Farms is the largest supplier of peanuts to MLB is headquartered in rural Northampton County NC……


Hampton Farms is already a sponsor at Canes games. I’m sure they’d be one at the future MLB team too!


I see where Kansas City voted down a new stadium for the Royals

Sounds like the campaign for a tax increase was a mess. Also, Royals fans love Kauffman, it’s a wonderful park, even if the location is boring.


just to build on the hype train

If you’re hoping to snag our NC hat, we have news coming that will create some serious chaos. :eyes: #RaleighOnDeck #MLB2NC


Lou & All Baseball Fans: The movie “The Hill” is on Netflix. It is a wonderful true story movie about Ricky Hill that played 4 seasons of minor league baseball for Montreal Farm System. Ricky hit 298 average for the 4 years & Ricky wore leg braces on both legs due to a bone disease. His first season was 1975.


I don’t think they’ll leave KC. They just have to explain it better

RALEIGH🌳WOOD - a playful take off on Canes reference and our remaining trees.


You wait months for new MLB expansion developments, and then two come around at once! On Tuesday voters in Jackson County, Missouri rejected a proposed tax increase to pay for renovations to Kansas City’s NFL stadium and a new stadium for its MLB franchise. The measure lost by a whopping 58-42 margin, despite the fact that tax proponents outspent opponents by more than a 30-to-1 margin and some of the money would have gone to a team that has won the last two Super Bowls, which shows you just hard it can be to get stadium subsidies approved if ordinary voters are allowed to have any say about it.

The Royals owner’s wife got on Facebook to say that the team was done negotiating with Jackson County and that maybe, maybe the team would wind up in Kansas, or else the team would leave the area entirely, which is, you know, quite the public relations choice. Usually what happens when teams lose these public votes is that they find ways to get the money without getting permission from those pesky voters, usually after making threats to leave town if they don’t get it.

So on one hand, the Kansas City Royals could soon be looking for a city to threaten to move to! But on the other hand, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has been adamant that MLB won’t expand until the Oakland A’s and Tampa Bay Rays get their stadium situations sorted out, and by the time that happens, Manfred’s successor might be insisting that MLB won’t expand until the Royals get their stadium situation sorted out.

Speaking of those A’s, they just announced a deal to spend three or maybe four years playing at a minor league ballpark in Sacramento while they try get a stadium built in Las Vegas. Four years may not be enough, though, because the team currently doesn’t even have a financing deal in place, and the subsidies approved by the Nevada legislature may not survive if the Nevada Supreme Court agrees to let voters have a say about it (Those pesky voters again!), so the A’s may not even move to Las Vegas ever.

So in conclusion, there may be two or maybe one or maybe zero MLB teams looking to move to a new city, and depending on how that goes, MLB may expand in the early 2030s or possibly not at all. It’s as simple as that, really.