CAM Block Redevelopment

Saw this article in the TBJ:

Looks like Union Station is really creating a node of development and density, and I am all here for it. Interesting that William-Cozart is not part of it, but also, like that it isn’t the entire block.

20 stories seems to be the standard set now for new development.


With HQ and CAM partnering with the development. This should move pretty quickly.

“The same holds true for HQ Raleigh. “We are 100 percent committed to HQ and CAM remaining at the location, as are both of them,” Centerline Digital CEO Charles Long writes in an email.”

“The properties total 1.9 acres, south of West Martin Street and west of South Harrington Street. The landowners are working with S9 Architecture, of New York City, to draft conceptual plans for the site. The company works on large urban developments across the country.”


Where is that news article saying Construction and Development in Raleigh was dead?


S9 has a pretty interesting portfolio of work. I would love a design like 111 Varick, Dock 72 or 245 Queen East in this location


Does this include that whole block pretty much? So where Circa is on Davie up Harrington to the Cam? I know the article said some parcels weren’t owned by the same company but I was unclear on which ones.

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A number of lots around there with 20 floor proposals. Also REBUS warehouse lot and Legends property, Kane south of the tracks. And wasn’t there a 12 or so floor proposal for the lot beside Crank arm? Haven’t heard anything on that recently.


Honestly, I think this is showing how important Union Station is/was to jumpstart development in this area. We are literally seeing another district build itself up, marrying Glenwood South and Warehouse. It’s pretty awesome to see.


I’ve been wondering about that too

There was a proposal. I believe that lot is owned by Empire not sure if they backed off the original proposal since they bought some (all?) of the buildings down that block.

I’d like to the the red buildings/areas left as is and new construction in the yellow areas. Possibly have modern cantilevered buildings over the existing? Tear off the front addition of the circa 1888 building.


Those are really nice buildings. Hopefully they will keep most of the facades. Raleigh in 2025 will be a very different city.


I’d be really surprised if Charles just wanted to completely tear down the HQ building, but you never know.

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My thoughts exactly… their portfolio is getting me suuuuper excited. Even the less edgy stuff is clean and elegant; it’s uniformly quality work across the board. This level of design is exactly what Raleigh needs. I hope they’ve been brought on to do more than just a conceptual site plan.


I am excited about all of these proposals but I also feel lost… is there a master list of all the new proposals and sites currently under construction?

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Maybe this is the 12 story project you’re talking about. Another paywall article. But wow, a 12 story condo tower… pretty nice!. Warehouse district starting to zoom!


Nice find… their stuff looks just right for the Warehouse area, with those funky, modern/industrial designs. Good stuff for Raleigh!

No that’s a completely different project. This is the project @willamjr was talking about.

Interdasting. That’s yet a different 12 story project from the project I linked to (the condo… which must be brand new?).

Although this Empire project looks like it’s drifting… they were hoping to start last year. Maybe it’ll heat back up.

Interesting quote from that article:

“One prospective tenant for this site is a company headquartered in downtown Raleigh seeking to expand their campus,” Empire wrote in the request.

Empire would eliminate the parking lot and encourage the building’s tenants to walk or use local transit options. The request notes the property’s proximity to Union Station.


Yeah Empire also bought the building that Deep South/Fiction Kitchen are in so now they own most of the block fronting Dawson. So maybe they have much bigger plans.

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Let me try this. I keep a google map of all downtown development. Red is under construction and yellow is proposed. Yall let me know if I need to change anything.