City of Raleigh Flag

I don’t think Raleigh needs a slogan but we definitely need a better flag. Durham’s got a great flag and you see it everywhere.

Raleigh needs to step it up. I have some ideas for that.


I remember a city council meeting a few years ago where someone presented on this, but never heard about it again.

from 2015:

Come up with a better flag and have a group of notable citizens and businesses fly it instead. Eventually people with turn on the old flag. Grassroot flag would be pretty cool.

Personally with our sad state of architecture we can probably make do with a different visual element like adding bright, rich colors to the city. A popping, stunning flag could help with this.


I totally agree. I’m not a fan of our current flag; in fact, I once showed it to an out-of-town friend who commented “It’s an assault on the eyes!”

To remedy that problem, I made this one last year.

(The colours were originally intended to be inverted, but I feared I might run the marker dry. I think both versions would be fine.)


What happens when the skyline changes?
I completely agree that we need a new flag. Great flag design is simple, bold, meaningful and memorable. This video is both informative and hilarious. For me, Raleigh’s flag should just be an oak leaf or something else that’s simple.

Maybe we can borrow from the tree used in the new ad campaign, and just have it as a simple, or use the design language to transform a single leaf from left to right, or just have it stylized to reflect our history and our future?


I think we can have a different approach to the flag. Forget all those typical symbols and just focus on a flag can represent a new phase of Raleigh. Something that says, ‘Woah, this is Raleigh?’ instead of ‘oh right oak trees, got it.’

I have a neat flag idea as well but I’ll wait to reveal it once I have my shop up and running.

As Leo should probably split this thread up as well for flag discussion.


Yeah, good idea. :wink:

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Please put it out there. We desperately need a new flag.


I’ve actually been thinking about that for a while, using the Raleigh logo/design language for a flag…
(Not the first time I’ve done this)

What about something like this? Simple, but distinct, memorable, usable for other things (t-shirts, flags, bumper stickers etc.), and if the Maryland state flag suggests anything, surprisingly long-lasting.

via FlagWaver


Change can be good. But change for change sake is a mistake waiting to happen. I for one love the Oak tree! Now, make changes, sure. Here is an example:

Here’s one that I found on Reddit

Here’s another one that I found.

What happens when the skyline changes?…haha, good one…


That’s a valid point, but honestly I think those three buildings will form the core of Raleigh’s most recognizable tall buildings for a long time.

If major changes did occur to the skyline, though, that would certainly pose a problem. I’ll go back to the drawing board and see what I can do.

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It could be updated like Britain’s money…

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Wouldn’t you just need a new/fresh marker to add the building? :joy:

Challenge would be if a building comes down. :thinking:

Maybe this is why our Council won’t approve any 40 story variances downtown? :grin:

I can already see Stef’s email response or Cox’s Nextdoor post. We can’t approve this request as it wound require millions of dollars in changing the city flag.


Hey all, I just threw up something on the blog about the new company that’s selling Raleigh and Durham flags. I met Steve at the Raleigh Night Market and they are doing some cool stuff so far.

What’s no on the blog is this promo to get your own flag. I’ve got mine already so consider getting a flag to show off some Raleigh pride.

Website: Civic Flags


Need we discuss again the disaster that is the flag for the city of Raleigh?