Dog Parks and Bars in DTR

I’m assuming this is this? I remember seeing this earlier this year and looks like it’s finally happening?


This was talked about a year ago or so. I’m glad it’s actually happening.


I still can’t over emphasize the potential joy of watching dogs play when you’ve been walking around downtown drinking. Or even not drinking. Dog parks just make me happy.


Breaking this off into its own thread. #hopeful

Birdie told me this morning this project is CLOSE and really just pending permits. GO CITY PLAT!!!


Am I the only one that thinks it’s a bad idea to put a dog park literally in the middle of a busy intersection

You know it’ll have a fence, right?


Some dogs are escape artists.

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I"m sure they’ll have a double gate system that significantly reduces a dog’s ability to just run out. As long as the humans operate them correctly.

Ok, I see your point…


Isn’t 400H construction using the dog park lot currently as a place to store the generators and construction office?

None the less hope this doesn’t interfere with the kickstart of the outdoor dog park there and gets done soon! I may finally adopt me a doggo once it’s open, as I wanna have a good excuse to go there!

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I’ll have to let my insurance carrier know that once I put a fence up I’ll have eliminated all risks, thanks Professor

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This should probably have a title change. West Dog Park is an indoor dog park in the 1st floor of 400 West. This is a separate project. I don’t know him well, but I know KP. I’ll try to get details the next time I see him.

I think the name is something like “Pals”.

Considering that those streets are all very low speed, I think it should be okay. People walk their dogs downtown along Dawson and McDowell, which I’ve done and it’s not the best when a squirrel runs out in front of you. But in all seriousness it could be cool to have a dog themed crosswalk leading to this little pie of land with painted paw prints on the road instead of the typical striping


I remember reading this on Raleigh Magazine not too long ago. It mentions ‘Pals’ but doesn’t give much detail. I think this might be what Dylan is referring to?

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An indoor dog park bar, where the aroma of dog $hit and piss compliment the citrus hops from that craft IPA you are drinking.

That place better have some good ventilation.

West Street Dog does indeed seem to have a ventilation system that’s up to the task. I didn’t notice any offensive smells when I was there a couple weeks ago.


We’ve been in several times and while of course you can tell there are dogs around, it’s not offensive and it is a very pleasant experience. Well executed. Oh, and we didn’t take a dog. So, if you just want beer, you’ll probably go elsewhere. But if you like dogs and beer, or have a dog and like beer or just want to go to a dog park, this place is very nice.


I really do like having a beer and hanging out with dogs. It’s kind of what I do at home, but…out.


Was casually scrolling around the internet (and working too) and saw on the CityPlat website they added some pictures of their new dog park/bar concept. Don’t think I’ve seen these posted anywhere yet. Here’s just a few of them from their website. CityPlat says ‘project completion’ is 2022, but don’t remember seeing anything happening here last time I was over there. Either way, looks promising and it’s better than the empty lot currently there.